How to get into a decluttering routine

Ever get into the swing of decluttering just to find that one small pause turns into a project being completely derailed?

Sadly, our decluttering hopes and good intentions often aren’t enough to finish. It takes routine.

And we’ve got the tips to help you get into a solid decluttering routine so you can maintain your progress and finally declutter your home (and keep it that way).

How to get into a decluttering routine - it takes 3 features.

How do you get into a decluttering routine?

The process of decluttering generally isn’t a one-and-done event. While you can hire a dumpster and spend an entire week throwing stuff out, that typically doesn’t work for most people.

First off, that kind of decluttering requires too much time and energy.

Also, if habits aren’t changed, you may find yourself back in clutter down the road.

That’s why we recommend a decluttering routine that allows you to continuously work towards your goal – and then effortlessly maintain those results.

3 things you need to get into a decluttering routine

Without these, you are very, very likely to let your decluttering gains fall by the wayside.

1 – You need structure.

In other words, you need a plan. You need to know what you’re doing and when. That’s what we mean by structure.

This is what will keep you moving along at a decent speed without you burning out or feeling completely overwhelmed.

When you have a good structure defined, staying on track is so much easier!

2 – You need accountability.

You don’t have to do this all alone. Having people to check in with and simply being part of a group with the same goal can greatly increase your chance of achieving a goal.

When you have accountability in the form of a group or partner, you have a nearly 65% chance to achieve your end goal. And, when you create a dedicated check-in for that accountability, the likelihood raises to 95%! (Info taken from a study by The American Society of Training and Development.)

Accountability works!

3 – You need habits.

Building habits is the most important aspect to make decluttering less of a chore. Once you instill good habits, you’ll find you’re decluttering even when you don’t realize it!

Best of all, building healthy habits around the act of acquiring new possessions will keep your home from getting too cluttered in the first place.

You’ll never find yourself at the same level of clutter as you were before you started this journey.

28 day reboot

Once you have all 3 of these aspects – the structure, accountability, and habits – getting into a decluttering routine sort of falls into place.

Luckily for you…

The 28 Day Reboot gives you all 3!

We created our 28 Day Reboot to help you keep your decluttering momentum and turn your decluttering into a proper routine.

Yes, even if you’ve tried and failed in the past to clean up your house and keep it that way.

By joining 28 Day Reboot:

✅  You’ll get the structure in the form of daily exercises.

✅  You’ll get the accountability in the form of an accountability team with accountability calls each week. (Remember how we mentioned that accountability with dedicated check-ins raises your chance of achieving your goals to 95%?!)

✅  You’ll get the habits in the form of easy-to-learn and implement tips and tactics.

Imagine a home that is cleaner and less cluttered without all the stress and overwhelm.

It’s totally possible, and the 28 Day Reboot can help!

Sign up for the next 28 Day Reboot right here >>


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