10 Perks of Working with a Decluttering Coach over Zoom

One of the best ways to get decluttering help is over Zoom.

Yep! You might be wondering how it’s possible to work with a decluttering coach when they aren’t actually stepping foot inside your home.

How do they know how to help?

Since Zoom decluttering calls are a popular option for all the coaches in our Coach Network, we wanted to share all the perks that come from getting help in this way!

The tips in this article have been adapted from a post from one of our Network Coaches, Danielle Smallwood. Learn more about Danielle and her coaching services.

decluttering help over zoom

10 Reasons to Get Your Decluttering Help Over Zoom

You already know some of the situations where it makes sense to hire a decluttering coach.

You may have read about the ways a decluttering coach can help you reach your decluttering goals.

How you get that help with a decluttering coach, however, is truly beneficial in a virtual setting. Here’s why you should consider a Zoom decluttering session:

  1. It’s cheaper! – You have the option to book shorter sessions than you would if booking an in-person session. You save money because there’s no travel time included in the booking as well.
  2. Finding YOUR perfect coach isn’t tied to a location – If the perfect coach for your needs lives in another state (or even country) that’s not a problem!
  3. Flexible meeting opportunities to fit busy schedules – Since you only need an internet connection, it’s much easier to find a meeting time (and place) that works in your busy schedule. Squeeze in a 15-minute check-in over your lunch break at work if needed!
  4. It’s easier to keep appointments – Again, all you need is an internet connection. No need to deal with traffic or keep people out of your home when family members get sick.
  5. There’s no “stranger” in your home  – Family members may feel awkward to have someone new in their home, looking at their stuff!
  6. Sessions can be recorded and played later – No need to take notes or worry about remembering guidance during the coaching call as Zoom sessions can easily be recorded and watched later (if you request). You get to truly focus on the task at hand.
  7. You maintain your privacy – You get to choose how much or how little interaction you have with your coach. You also get to decide how much or how little of your home they get to see. We understand there are lots of feelings that surround clutter or simply letting someone new into your home.
  8. You still get to build a trusting relationship with your coach – At the same time, being able to see your coach during a Zoom video session, and hear their guidance in a one-on-one environment, helps to build the trust needed to move forward with the decluttering process.
  9. It’s easier to focus on habit-formation – Developing habits that help in the long-term are essential to decluttering and maintaining over time. So, instead of booking one 2-hour session at the beginning of the month, you could much easier book four 30-minute sessions over the course of 4 weeks.
  10. It’s easy to work with technology that serves you – Running the sessions online can easily be combined with other online forums – such as Facebook groups or Messenger – for continued support between sessions.

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