Goals Won’t Solve Your Clutter Troubles; Here’s What Will

When you want to accomplish something – like decluttering your kitchen – you make it a GOAL, right?

That’s the natural process that we’re taught. Set goals. Reach accomplishments.

Only this may be where you are getting stuck. (Because reaching goals can be so hard!)

The truth is that goals alone won’t solve your clutter troubles.

Watch this video chat with Danie Smallwood, one of our Network Coaches, to learn what’s much more effective than goal setting.

Danie Smallwood is one of our Network Coaches here at Decluttering School. She has a passion for helping people declutter without shame or judgment. Grab the extra resources for this discussion on The Decluttering Corner.

Setting goals is just one part of the process.

If you are struggling with your big decluttering and organizing goals, definitely give this video a watch. Figuring out this missing piece could be the key to your decluttering success!

What did you learn from the chat that will help you reach your goals?


decluttering habits not goals


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1 thought on “Goals Won’t Solve Your Clutter Troubles; Here’s What Will”

  1. This was great! I appreciated her content. Thank you! Thank you! I will focus on micro habits now. This is helpful with decluttering and other areas in life. #winning


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