Why you can’t declutter (and what to do about it!)

“I don’t have time to declutter.”
“I don’t feel like it.”
“I don’t know how.”

If any of these excuses reasons has ever stopped you from doing something important like decluttering, you MUST watch this video.

It will give you a way to flip the script and start telling a new story about your situation and what you want to do.

Watch the Video Now:

When you’re ready to break free of these common decluttering excuses, Decluttering School can help.

Learn how to declutter, find more time to declutter, or gain the motivation to declutter.

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All the decluttering excuses keeping you from taking action. Plus how to overcome them!


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7 thoughts on “Why you can’t declutter (and what to do about it!)”

  1. I feel great anxiety whenever I tackle a pile of clutter. It makes me feel inadequate and overwhelmed and after dealing with 2 or 3 things, I back away from it.

  2. not sure if this is the same but i have so much stuff that i do not have any where to put the stuff.. i feel that i just move stuff from one side to another and when i do that the stuff falls and i am back to the beginning… my goal is to make a path so that i can walk then move to stuff to the garbage or a temporary bin i am just at a loss i don’t have money for help but i am really trying.. is this an excuse i really don’t know

  3. The bonus room (AKA man cave) and garage are too much for me to do by myself and can’t get husband interested in even starting to help.


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