What a Decluttering Coach Can Do for You (that you can’t do alone)

Did you hear? We’ve recently launched the Decluttering School Coaches Network with a select group of coaches who are ready to assist you in your decluttering projects!

You may be wondering why you’d want to work with a decluttering coach, 1-on-1, in the first place.

What can a decluttering coach do for a client that she wouldn’t do on her own?

Well, we’ve asked our coaches just that… and here is what they said.

how a decluttering coach helps

What a Decluttering Coach Can Do for You


Linda Bee - Network Coach

Linda Bee

As a Decluttering Coach, I have the ability to see anything a client shares with me through a different lens. We all look at our own space with preconceived notions of good and bad. I love reframing the struggles into opportunities. Then I am able to assist the client with a plan to create a stress-free, calm and orderly environment.

In order to maintain a clutter-free home, we need to get to the root of why things pile up in the first place. As a Coach, I have experience in observing what does and doesn’t work for people thus enabling me to give constructive suggestions that the client might not have considered before. I assist people when they feel stuck. I offer action-oriented steps to get to whatever success looks like to the client.

You can learn more about Linda Bee on her website.


Selena Jones - Network Coach

Selena Jones

A decluttering coach sees the bigger picture and is more removed from all the emotions and shame that we attach to our stuff. It helps to have someone in your corner to help you think through the parts that trip you up, see where you are holding yourself back, and empower you to change your perspective to help you reach your goal.

As a coach, it’s important for me to provide a compassionate, judgment-free space where my clients feel safe enough to talk about their struggles. There’s nothing better than hearing the way they light up when they accomplish something that at one point in their life felt so incredibly overwhelming, but they conquered it!

You can learn more about Selena Jones on her website.


Karen Mace - Network Coach

Karen Mace

As a Decluttering Coach, I can help you find a pathway through the woods of decluttering your spaces. This help is available at all stages of your decluttering journey whether you are just starting out with no idea of what to do, hit obstacles or roadblocks along the way, or just need some encouragement or to talk through your next step on the way.

I empower you to move along your journey rather than coming in and doing it for you, but you will find yourself taking larger steps after a coaching session than before as you have more clarity.

You can learn more about Karen Mace on her website.


Elisa Rasmussen - Network Coach

Elisa Rasmussen

As a coach, I’m here to help you realize just how much you’re capable of. It’s easy to get discouraged when you’re struggling to declutter, but I can guide you to identify your deepest motivation, provide accountability to keep you going when you lose momentum, and recognize the successes you take for granted.

You’re already doing hard things, and some of them are so easy for you that you don’t even notice. Together, we can capitalize on your strengths and build both your skills and your confidence.

You can learn more about Elisa Rasmussen on her website.


Joanne Reeder - Network Coach

Joanne Reeder

At some point in time during our decluttering journeys, we have all felt the need for help, a different opinion or motivation in achieving our goals. Decluttering Coaches are here for these exact reasons: to listen, give feedback, provide accountability and reveal new perspectives in your home and your habits that you may not have noticed before.

As a trained Decluttering Coach, I have the necessary experience and knowledge to help you reach your decluttering goals faster and with less overwhelm. Together, we will discuss planning, motivation, obstacles and strategies that work for you and your family to help you continue on your journey.

Whether you are just beginning, in a messy middle or overwhelmed with a huge project, a Declutter Coach can help you stay inspired and achieve your goals more efficiently in all stages of your decluttering journey.

You can learn more about Joanne Reeder on her website.


Danielle Smallwood - Network Coach

Danielle Smallwood

Like editing your own writing, “editing” – aka, decluttering – your own home is filled with emotions and blindspots. Sometimes the piles have been there so long you don’t even see them. Or you DO see them, but don’t really see “things.” Maybe you actually see shame and regret. Maybe you see memories – beautiful or terrible. Maybe you just see a mountain you can’t possibly climb alone.

As a Decluttering Coach, and as someone who has personally battled chronic clutter all my life, I will help you step back and see your things as just that – THINGS. There will be no judgment, no shame, no mistakes – only curiosity, learning, and progress. We will discuss how you want each space in your home to function to suit who you are TODAY, and who you want to grow to be.

And all those big, overwhelming emotions? Those we will shred up into tiny, actionable steps that you can take daily to achieve and maintain your vision for your home. And every step of the way, I’ll be there to cheer for (and help you see for yourself!) ALL your victories, big and small.

You can learn more about Danielle Smallwood on her website.


Mary Stanton - Network Coach

Mary Stanton

As a decluttering coach, I understand where you are and have been there. The difference is that as a coach I have received training, and perhaps even more importantly, have experience that will enable me to help you to declutter multiple areas of your home.

A coach also offers advice and experience in specialized areas such as crafts, and books, just to name a few. In addition, a coach will provide support and help you plan a course of action that will enable you to accomplish your decluttering goals.

You can learn more about Mary Stanton on her website.


Julie CW - Network Coach

Julie CW

As a decluttering coach, I can help you go from feeling overwhelmed, to feeling calm in your space. I will help you see your space, your stuff and how you feel about your home in a different light. When you see a mess, I see potential to create a space you love. I will remind you that you get to choose and when you get stuck I will show you how much you have accomplished and help you get unstuck.

Having Decluttered my own home, I know the attachments, the shame, the obstacles that stop us and I will share all I have learned throughout the process. My goal is to help you create a space that you love using pockets of time and simple tips. I will help you form a plan to create a space where you feel happy calm and proud of your home.

You can learn more about Julie CW on her website.

Moral of the Story

There’s a lot that a decluttering coach can help with when you are wanting to take control of your clutter, and your life.

If you’re ready to make the most of your decluttering journey, check our network for the decluttering coach that suits your goals.

Learn more about our Decluttering Coach Network here.


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