The first 3 steps to declutter your Stash & Dash Room from a professional organizer

Do you have a “stash and dash” room?

You know… a room in your home that you quickly drop stuff in and then close the door behind you?

This video explains the first 3 steps to take when starting a new decluttering project that happens to be a super scary, overwhelming room with so much stuff that you can barely open the door.

Watch the video chat with one of our network coaches, Joanne Reeder.

And don’t forget to click through to Joanne’s website and sign up to get the full 7-step process for decluttering a scary, catch-all room.

Need help decluttering your stash and dash room? One of our Network Decluttering Coaches can help!


How to declutter your stash and dash room - the first 3 steps from a professional organizer.


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10 thoughts on “The first 3 steps to declutter your Stash & Dash Room from a professional organizer”

  1. I found this useful even though I don’t have a stash and dash room. This is good advice for any major decluttering and organizing project.

  2. Thanks Sarah. Getting ceiling holes fixed this week. A relief that depression and Covid interfered with. Don’t see link to stash and dash room tips. And re found ring I once found some jewels. In I had mounted. Ruby? Garnet? Hmm. Small but pretty. One never knows. Left behind in house I obtained! Not mine. Cynthia mason

  3. This was extremely helpful. My guest room is my stash room, but it is not a terrible mess. However, I want the stashed items gone. I’m down to much of it being emotional items. I like the idea of short time frames to help me not get totally overwhelmed by the feelings and hopefully make progress. I have two quiet months ahead so plan to use the time to empty out the stash. Thanks for this informative video.

  4. I would like to receive the PDF also.
    I have signed up for this Challenge so many times and never have been able to commit, due to many reasons, personal, and mental.
    I am going to try one more time. I also bought the workbook but never got it.
    See you soon


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