Decluttered craft room: before and after!

One year ago I was reading the posts in the community and looking at the before and afters. I was so inspired and motivated by them I tackled my then impossible craft room.

declutter craft room

As soon as I joined the group I spent an hour reading the posts.

how to declutter craft room

I was so inspired instead of watching TV I tackled my craft room. I set my timer for 15 minutes and my phone was on do not disturb. The time flew by and 2 hours later I could finally walk in.

I had been trying to pay someone for years to come to organize my house with very little success. Who knew all I needed was a support group!

I saw a link to the Decluttering Club community and felt compelled to join.  In reading the posts and pictures the group has a united familial feeling. For example look at the 90+ comments regarding husband putting the lights up.  

Several times after reading other posts I have jumped up and cleaned out a drawer or closet.

Over the next year, I kept working (as well as decluttering the rest of my house).

It may get a little messy at times but now my craft room takes 5 minutes to organize. This is how it looks today.

organizing craft room

How does it feel to have made such a huge change in my home?

It means there is hope finding enjoyment living in this big house (to me it is overwhelming).  In my old home, I use to stand in the doorway of each room and exhale a sigh of enjoyment. Here I was trying to get used to living with the clutter.

Now I have hope in 2019 it is my intention to stand in the doorway of each room and sigh with joy.  1 per month!

A huge thank you to Luanne Johns for sharing her story and photos with us!

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