Easy! 60 Quick Things to Declutter Today

If you need to declutter, sometimes, it’s easiest to grab a box or a trash bag and start tossing!

Start now with this checklist of 60 things you can declutter today, quickly and easily.

If you need to declutter, sometimes, it's easiest to grab a box or a trash bag and start tossing! 

Build your decluttering momentum with this checklist.

Sometimes it starts with a small thing. Then another.

Sometimes all it takes to get into the swing of things is to toss one thing from a junk drawer.

Our checklist of simple items you can let go of today will get your motivation back for decluttering, even when you’re feeling stuck!

Even if you do one tiny item from each bullet point, you will have 60 fewer items in your home. (And guess what… most people do have these things taking up precious space in their homes.)

Now do that a couple more times, and you’ll be on your way to seeing real decluttering success.

Here are some simple ideas of what to declutter right now.

Be sure to get your printable checklist at the end of this post! It’ll feel super satisfying to cross off each item as you declutter it.

  1. Junk mail (learn how to organize your household paperwork)
  2. Dried out pens
  3. Stubby pencils
  4. Old condiments
  5. Expired food
  6. Unused office supplies
  7. Unused greeting cards
  8. Unused hangers
  9. Envelopes from bills to be paid
  10. Stash of scratch paper
  11. Most kid art projects
  12. Expired cosmetics
  13. Worn out linens
  14. Stained clothing (and clothing that doesn’t fit)
  15. Unmatched food storage containers and lids
  16. Cleaning supplies you don’t use
  17. Expired medicines
  18. Broken toys
  19. Expired credit cards (cut up first)
  20. Orphaned socks
  21. Product boxes
  22. Product manuals (find online)
  23. Magazines
  24. Take-out menus
  25. Half-finished projects
  26. Old chargers and cords
  27. Icky sponges
  28. Most receipts
  29. Knick-knacks you don’t love
  30. Broken or tangled jewelry
  31. Expired spices
  32. Contents of your junk drawer
  33. VCR and cassette tapes
  34. Old computer junk
  35. Icky bath toys
  36. Old paint (let dry out first)
  37. Scrap lumber
  38. Broken kitchen gadgets
  39. Travel size toiletries
  40. Extra buttons
  41. Games with missing pieces (although you might be able to sell your remaining board game pieces online!)
  42. Puzzles with missing pieces
  43. Wrapping paper scraps
  44. Unused craft supplies (donate them!)
  45. Outdated textbooks and reference manuals
  46. Plastic bags (switch to reusable!)
  47. Old trophies (snap a photo)
  48. Notes from college courses
  49. Tired out pillows
  50. Worn out furniture
  51. Old store loyalty cards
  52. Expired coupons
  53. Ticket stubs
  54. Holiday decor you didn’t use this year
  55. Books that are falling apart
  56. Unused garden tools
  57. Old cell phones
  58. Old cameras
  59. Old eyeglasses
  60. Worn out shoes

decluttering checklist - declutter these 60 things right now

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4 thoughts on “Easy! 60 Quick Things to Declutter Today”

  1. As I look through this list, I realize that I don’t have a problem getting rid of things. My problem comes with WHAT TO DO with things or WHERE to donate them? I just can’t stand the idea of throwing things in the dumpster where it fills more space in a landfill. That just makes me crazy!!

    • Find a community resource that will accept any donations! I think food banks will often times take items! There are always people in need in the community! Our town has a swap shop that takes almost everything as part of our dump/recycle endeavors! Also elderly housing often has a donation location. Give all clothes to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, Armed forces, etc! These places will often offer pickup!

      Animal shelters or no kill shelters will take towels, blankets, clothes, etc. even food and toys!

      Post ? on facebook or other social media—Buy Nothing in your town–fast and handy! I’m sure there are more available everywhere.

    • I have the same problem! I live in a small rural area that does have a St.Vincent DePaul center and maybe 1 other thrift shop, but none of those “haul my junk away” programs or resources.

  2. Same problem here as we live in a small rural village, not even big enough to be called a “town!” No where to donate either. Tried a huge garage sale once but people only wanted to pay a maximum of 10 cents for any item, including $20-$40 brand new items with tags still on! I just packed everything up and when we go to where our son lives, we will take everything with us to donate to Purple Heart or Salvation army.


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