Compliments are like candy

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Did you know that compliments are like candy?

It’s true!

When you give someone a compliment it sends a little tiny bit of dopamine into your brain. And into the other person’s brain too.

I reached out to 2 colleagues today.

I told one of them that I thought she was doing a fabulous job and I’d overheard a couple people saying nice things about her.

I bragged on the other one in public after she helped me in my business.

Compliments cost you NOTHING.

But they put you in a positive, forward-thinking mood.

Be incredibly generous with your compliments.

You can even give them to yourself!

When you’re giving compliments, there’s no room for negativity.

– Sarah

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2 thoughts on “Compliments are like candy”

  1. Great advice! I also find just simple nice gestures have the same effect. Letting someone out at a junction for example, helping someone who is struggling to reach for an item at the supermarket. Just a bit of kindness goes such a long way.


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