From Cluttered Catch-All to Creative Craft Room

Do you have a room in your home that is simply unusable, due to neglect and/or procrastination?

Wouldn’t it be great to declutter and organize that room in order to create an inspiring space that is calm and inviting? One of our community members did just that with this cluttered catch-all makeover.

Check out this cluttered catchall makeover! See how this spare dumping room turned into an organized craft room.

The Story Behind the Neglected Room

After leaving her marriage, Sandy White moved into a house three years ago that had been updated everywhere except the “Jack and Jill” bedrooms.

andy shared, “The ‘Jack room’ was the worst. I used the room for storage for a couple of years. I couldn’t go in and deal with the emotional overload from the memories and the amount of work needed to be done.”

Overwhelm stops people like Sandy in their tracks when trying to declutter and organize a home. The worst part is that it only allows the problem area to get even worse, becoming something known as a true dumping space, junk room, or catch-all.

The Cluttered Catch-All Room’s Makeover

The room started out as a craft room that soon turned into a cluttered catch-all.

Two years passed and the room became unusable and overwhelming to enter.

Sandy shared that she loves to scrapbook, as it is therapy for her. She “talked forever about making the room over to scrapbook in.”

It took two years for Sandy to finally get the energy to handle it, but then she emptied the room (the house looked like a bomb went off), painted the room a cheerful calming blue, and she had a friend help put down the laminate flooring.

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As she began working on the room, new ideas and inspiration began to emerge from the clutter.

I got the table from my mom’s house and put it in the center of the room.

Sandy grew up sharing life and discussions with her dad at that table, as well as years of family meals and celebrations.”

Sandy shared that she hardly bought anything new for that room, due to the fact that already had so much, however it all looked brand new.

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“It’s amazing how paint and rearranging things brings new life.”

Sandy went on to share “It took 3 long years but I finally got it done. I now scrapbook, make cards, work on photos and am completely happy there when I need it the most.”

Final Thoughts for Tackling a Similar Makeover

Sandy pointed out that it can be done when you’re ready.

You can make something like this happen. Just start small and work on it knowing you’ll have something wonderful after. It’s worth it…YOU are worth it.

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8 thoughts on “From Cluttered Catch-All to Creative Craft Room”

  1. I did almost the same thing and it took about three years. We had a house fire and much of my third floor sewing & craft room was saved. However, there were a lot of partially completed projects and unframed counted cross stitch pieces tossed out due to smoke damage. I was distraught and did not know where to begin.
    I bought the new machines and tables and many replacement items, but never really set it up properly. Small things were done, sheers hemmed for 42 windows, but no curtains,drapes or clothing made. Not a stitch was crossed nor a crochet project finished. In my mind, I was imagining what I would do ‘soon’.Months passed. Finally, one of my daughters decided she wanted to take up sewing again and that stirred something within me! Last month, I ignored every other chore and reorganised my life as I redid my sewing room. I cannot express how peaceful and content I feel to have my retreat back. An hour or two a day in there restores my soul and creativity and the whole house is running smoothly.

  2. So inspiring, and I loved the comment that we will do these emotion-packed things when it’s time. I also love that you put the table in the center of the room! Looks like a wonderful, creative space. I want to make my rooms work FOR me like this!

  3. Wonderful, great job, love the pictures, and it gives up hope, we can do it, in the right time. It is an emotional challenge to deal with personal things and realize we can’t keep it all, but getting rid of things from the past and trying to keep the memories in our heart, thank you for sharing.

  4. My sewing room is also a disaster. I set up a temporary workshop in the basement to finish five immediate projects. First one is complete and I can now pack the remaining fabrics away. This article has inspired me to finish the second project by tomorrow. Third and fourth projects will be finished by the end of next week. The fifth project will be done the following week. My mojo should be back so that I can tackle my sewing room and clear the basement, too. Thank you very much for the added incentive.


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