Clutter hotspot: Keys

Is your keychain full of clutter? This quick decluttering project takes just 3 minutes. You'll be more organized and less weighed down by all that clutter.

Lately I’ve been on the lookout for clutter hotspots – little spots in my home that tend to collect clutter.

Clutter can be sneaky, don’t you think? It creeps up on you little by little until one day you look around and there’s stuff everywhere!

Like my keys.

The last time I took a good look at my keys, they contained 15 items:

  • 8 keys
  • car alarm fob
  • pepper spray
  • a travel mirror
  • house alarm fob
  • 3 additional key rings

What a mess!

It was time to pare down.

This is a task that took about 3 minutes. Here’s what I did.

I only use one key regularly – my car key. I left it and the house key and moved the rest to a pouch in my purse. I added labels to the other keys so I (or someone else) can easily identify each key.

I took off the extra key rings – how did they get there anyway? They weren’t providing any benefit.

The pepper spray went into my purse. Since my purse is nicely compartmentalized, I could grab it in a second if needed (it’s good to be prepared).

The mirror went into the trash. I had actually never used it except maybe to entertain a child during a long wait at the doctor’s office. It had served it’s purpose.

I did add one thing.

A pretty keychain bought at a school event. It helps distinguish my keys from my husbands so he doesn’t accidentally take my keys instead of his.

You might think it’s a bit silly to worry about decluttering your keychain.

But I’m enjoying a slimmed down set of keys. It’s just one less piece of visual clutter I have to deal with. And I’m all about getting rid of the clutter!

How many things are on your keychain?

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13 thoughts on “Clutter hotspot: Keys”

  1. My husband told me that a heavy car key ring is bad for the (I can’t think of the proper name) ‘where you put your key in and turn on the car’ thing, so I HAVE to keep a light car key ring, just the car key & really lightweight ‘pretty’. So my car & house key & remote are kept on separate rings, I just grab the one(s) I need from my purse.

    • Good point from your husband, and he was referring to the car ignition. The weigh from the keys can actually cause the starter to go bad quickly. Once you start having problems trying to start or crank your car it’s usually due to the ignition not getting good connection to start the car and will have to be replace.

  2. My key chain needs a serious overhaul!
    I have all my grocery store cards and library card key fobs plus the half dozen keys for various things. I like the idea of separating out and keeping the things I rarely use in a pocket of my purse. I keep various rings on a small carabiner, so stashing that in my purse and having the single ring just for the car and house sounds awesome! One more place to lighten the clutter bog down!! Thanks!!

    • Those store cards can add up to a pile, can’t they? A carabiner is a great idea – much easier than a keychain. Thanks for speaking up!

  3. I don’t think it’s silly at all! I find that clutter tends to weigh on me, whether I am aware of it or not. Whenever I clean out my purse, my dresser drawers, or my e-mail inbox, I instantly feel better!

  4. When I got rid of all of the store rewards cards on my keychain, it was such a relief! Now, I just use my phone number at the stores instead. Usually I can just type in my number and still use my rewards cards. Your keychain fob is cute!

    • Love that idea to use your phone number, Katie! Can you believe my cute little keychain fell off?! I’m so bummed – now I need to find another one. Oh well – my keychain is even lighter at the moment 🙂


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