5 Tips for a Successful Closet Clean-out!

A messy, cluttered closet makes getting dressed in the morning feel like a nightmare! Follow these 5 simple tips to declutter and clean out your closet and start your day off right.

tips for successful closet cleanout


We break down the process to cleaning out your closet so that it’s more useful and effective. It’s really quite simple!

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5 tips for a closet cleanout

1. Break it up

Marie Kondo may be able to declutter an entire closet space in one go, but we don’t recommend it! If you’ve got a LOT of clothes to go through, do yourself a favor and break the project into smaller chunks. Try purging your closet by categories, for example.

There’s nothing quite like overwhelm to keep you from even starting a big task like giving a packed closet a proper clean-out.

However, if you’re determined to get the job done fast, there is a bonus to the Marie Kondo method. Pulling everything out of your closet, under the bed, and anywhere else you have clothing stored, can help you to properly audit your clothing types and styles in one fell swoop.

2. Choose your method

Some days you may want to do the “easy” stuff. Declutter your sock drawer. Go through your old PJs. Focus on the quick wins that aren’t emotionally draining.

The thought alone of ditching that old leather jacket that you and your husband had your first date in might stop you in your tracks and make you feel like it is literally “too hard”. And then you may never start!

If that’s the case, build momentum by addressing the easy closet clutter first. It’s one of our best and more effective closet cleanout tips when you’re feeling stuck!

Other days you may want to “eat the frog” first. This means doing the biggest and most important task FIRST and then enjoying the sense of accomplishment.

3. Ask the right questions!

Look for items that are stained, worn, or just plain tired. You can declutter these clothes without a second thought.

When those items are weeded out, then comes the part where you’ll have to ask some simple questions:

  • Do I love this?
  • Does it fit?
  • Does it make me feel good?
  • Am I keeping it because it’s useful or because I feel guilty for wasting money?

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an organized closet
Check out this beautifully organized closet!


4. Know your style!

If you know what looks good on you, it’s easy to let go of the things that don’t suit you! The secret to an effortlessly styled wardrobe is to simply keep (and purchase) only the right, essential pieces – such as those pieces of clothing that fit your lifestyle, your body, and your preferred color palette.

So, be sure to spend some time envisioning how you should look and feel every day to help you make the best decluttering decisions.

If you’re stumped as to what looks best on your, watch this free Find Your Style Masterclass.

Once you’ve identified your signature style (this is unique to YOU!) – and you have cultivated the closet to match – getting dressed in the morning will be so much easier!

(And you’ll be way less likely to have any closet clean-out regrets.)

5. Give yourself permission

Allow yourself to feel all the feelings when rummaging through your piles of clothes.

Give yourself permission not to wear something that you just don’t like.

Give yourself permission to let go of that piece of clothing even if it was a gift from a loved one or if you spent good money on it. This is incredibly freeing!

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Want to hear in-depth how to use all these tips for a closet cleanout?

Watch the video below to hear how you can use these tips for a full closet edit.

Don’t forget the before and after photos! They’re so motivating.

If you’re ready to really know what to keep and what to toss, continue on to the free Find Your Style Masterclass.

Need more help with your closet detox?


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