Printable Bedroom Cleaning Checklist for Kids

Do you ever have a hard time getting your kids to clean up their rooms? Me too! My bedroom cleaning checklist will help teach your kiddos what is expected of them!

printable kids bedroom cleaning checklist

Normally, my kids are rockstars at doing chores. They pitch in around the house constantly and, thank goodness – I could never keep up without their help.

Unfortunately, just because they know how to clean doesn’t mean they do it properly all the time.

Lately, little things were being ignored and the bedrooms just weren’t getting picked up to my satisfaction. I whipped up a quick printable so kids can check their own work in cleaning their rooms! There will be no more “confusion” about what counts as a “clean” bedroom.

Use these printable checklists to keep kids bedrooms neat and tidy.
Use these printable checklists to keep your kids’ bedrooms neat and tidy.

Speaking of confusion… It’s always a good idea to work together after the first time you post your kids room cleaning checklist. That way, they know exactly how things should get done in their bedroom cleaning routine (and what you consider “clean”)!

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Bedroom cleaning checklist for kids

clean your bedroom checklist for kids in black

clean your room checklist in white

Download the PDF Clean Your Room printable checklist in black or white

Having a simple printed checklist posted puts the responsibility in your children’s hands and empowers them to do a good job.

I’m happy to share this fun printable cleaning checklist with you! Just click the link or the picture above to download and print. I love this cleaning your bedroom checklist – it is easy and works like a charm.

What’s Included in Our Printable Checklist?

We kept it simple on our checklist to better encourage action on a regular basis, but if your kids are older (or your standards are higher), you can modify accordingly or create a deep cleaning routine. The basics are:

Clean the Entire Floor

The floor is often one of the biggest challenges to keeping kids’ bedrooms clean. Cleaning the floor includes picking up both dirty clothes or clean clothes, and definitely towels, shoes, and toys. As a bonus, they can also vacuum (or sweep if you have hardwood floors).

Make the Bed

If you can teach your kid to make the bed first thing in the morning, it’s a great lesson. It is said to be good for people as you’ve already accomplished a task, helping to make them feel more productive.

Clear Out Rubbish

That includes emptying the wastebasket and removing dishes and plates that might be left behind.

Alternative Ways to Create a Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

We love a good printable checklist here at Decluttering School, but there are other ways to post chores for your kids that may keep you from going through extra paper.

You can hang a small chalkboard or dry erase board on the bedroom door where your kids can physically check off all the items on the list each day. (Check out this awesome reusable chore chart on Amazon!)

You can also post your kids’ chore lists in the household command center – which is the perfect way to keep the entire family on top of chores and schedules.

Next Stop… Kitchen

Once your kids are cleaning pros in their rooms, download my printable checklist for teaching kids to clean up the kitchen and get even more help around the house!

steps to clean kitchen

You might also enjoy this kids printable bathroom cleaning checklist. For spring cleaning tips and deeper cleaning checklists, click here.

How do you get your kids to clean up their rooms?


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16 thoughts on “Printable Bedroom Cleaning Checklist for Kids”

  1. Love it! I recently made a similar checklist for my kids’ bedrooms and daily chores. On my list: is your bed made? Closet floor clean? Anything under your bed? Shelves and dresser cleaned off? I made the checklist because I was tired of asking the same questions every day. lol!

    • Thanks, Janell! My kids aren’t normally allowed to eat in their rooms either but lately glasses have been sneaking in there somehow so that’s why that’s listed. I hope you find it useful

  2. Cleaning rooms is part of the kid’s Saturday morning chores. They each get 4 chores and have them for a year, then we trade jobs in January. Each child gets a bathroom, their room, the living room, family room or kitchen, and a few trash cans. We’ve been doing it this way for a few years now and it works for us.

  3. Love this article! I have four-year-old daughter and now I am trying to teach her to keep her room neat and tidy. It is not so easy work to do but with a lot of talking she understands why she should do certain things. Thank you for the helpful article!


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