How to have a clean kitchen every day after trying for years

We love hearing how our Organize Like a Boss challenge participants have gotten organized and decluttered after trying unsuccessfully to make progress for years.

Everything from having an organized household command center to having a clean kitchen every day has been achieved.

Maybe you’ll be inspired by these wins as well!

how to have a clean kitchen every single day - and more OLAB challenge wins!

How to Have a Clean Kitchen Every Day (plus 7 other wins)

1. Each day I organize one thing, only one thing.

The key is that you have to organize the stuff behind closed doors (cupboards, drawers) in order to have a spot to put the items that are out and cluttering your living space. You need to make room for the stuff by clearing out space.

It is nice to get away from my computer and tackle one area at a time.

It gives me a break from work and I feel like I am accomplishing something.

Adriana, Organize Like a Boss challenge participant

clean kitchen every day before and after from the OLAB challenge
The clean kitchen every day before and after from the OLAB challenge.

2. A clean kitchen now takes just 10 minutes

I started off with dishes in my kitchen that covered all surfaces in my kitchen with the exception of one small bench and limited ability to actually stand/clean/declutter in one session due to chronic pain/injuries.

This had been going on despite my cleaner coming in occasionally doing the dishes for me to clear them. I also had unpacked groceries on the floor and too much stuff in my kitchen for the small amount of cupboard space available.

By the end of the OLAB Challenge, the kitchen looked like this: Groceries away, bench cleared and dishes in progress!

After that, I joined Organize My Home and started working through the Success Path and doing the 30-day decluttering miracles.

I eventually reached my Kitchen Zero on 24th September 2020 consisting of all dishes washed and put away and countertops cleaned. I have maintained it at that same level every day since then and even further having cleaned up the shelf by the sink and the bottom drawer as well as more decluttering of the Tupperware cupboards.

The beauty of it is that now it generally takes 10 minutes to do the whole of Kitchen Zero and fold and put away any clean laundry in the bedroom and clear dresser whereas before a load of dishes took 15-20 minutes to do.

Karen, Organize Like a Boss challenge and Organize My Home Coaching program

3. I’ve been purging for years! Still have more to do but getting there!

Hired two dumpsters and took down our children’s swing set and the old broken down large barn shed and all contents in it.

Over 3,000 lbs worth of things we didn’t use.

There are still a few more things that need to go but the backyard looks great! Starting tomorrow we hired Merry Maids to come clean inside.

Ellen, Organize Like a Boss challenge

before and after OLAB challenge wins
See the before and after OLAB challenge win right here!

4. My miracle cleanup


5. A transformed living room!

I had a big win!

I took a good look at my cluttered living room and I sold a big ugly chair that was making it more cramped (and I wasn’t using it). I also gave away three big plants that weren’t growing well for me and making my space look untidy.

I’ve been wanting to do that for a year.

The result is a transformed living room!

Vancouver island

6. The Command Center in my house is amazing!

I always wanted one (a household command center) but didn’t “make” time to do it. With your help, the mail gets taken care of daily. Everyone has a folder, or two depending on what sport is going on.

I’m so happy that I’m doing this.


7. I had a massive win with a walk-in storage cupboard that was literally out of control.

I use the process of everything out and sorted quite ruthlessly. It has now inspired me to continue to other wardrobes.


8. A cleaner, less cluttered home in bits that doesn’t exhaust me

I just started decluttering my home after peacefully separating with my live-in girlfriend now that I’m disabled (I walk with a cane and have very limited use of my left arm and hand).

I decided to start with the kitchen/dining room so I can eat well and fuel my body for the other tasks in my daily life.

I can’t “run” at these tasks full steam like I used to because full steam isn’t what it used to be. Then there’s the fact that this isn’t all there is to life. Sure, it will make life so much better, but if I let NOW pass me by then I’m missing much of what life has to offer.

So I’m teaching myself to be content with regaining the friendship of my ex and a cleaner, less cluttered home in small bite-sized bits that don’t exhaust me for days at a time. Both of these things are far better in actuality than the plan I had cooked up for how things “should” go.

Thank you Sarah for creating this group and these tools!

You have brought together incredible people with lofty and similar/identical goals and hearts of gold! I’m so thankful to be a part of this group and overwhelmed with encouragement and community!


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