Interactive Christmas Budget Calculator

Interactive Christmas Budget Calculator

How would it feel to have your Christmas spending all paid for before you’ve even got the presents set out under the tree? It may sound like a pipe dream, but there’s still plenty of time left to prepare and save up.

Christmas Budget Calculator

Here’s how to do it:

This interactive budget calculator walks you through setting a simple Christmas budget. Once you have your budget, the form will figure out how much you’ll need to save each week in order to have Christmas paid for in advance.

(By the way, my son thought you’d like to know that this form doesn’t save your information – it’s completely anonymous and for your use only.)


If you use budgeting software (I really hope you do! See how we do it easily.), after you’ve set your budget, enter the amounts into your software. Or just keep a running list of your purchases.

As you shop, keep track of your transactions so you can stay within your budget. Buying early will help you avoid last minute overspending (been there, done that).

2 Easy Ways to Save on Christmas Shopping

After you’ve figured your target weekly savings goal, here are some ways to make your Christmas dollars stretch even further.

9 Weeks Left until Christmas!

Now is the perfect time to set a Christmas budget and start funding it. You’ve got time to discuss it with your family and plenty of time to shop and prepare.

Come January when the  Christmas music has faded and the New Year is upon us, you’ll be glad you’re not paying off a credit card bill loaded with Christmas purchases.

What’s your weekly savings goal for Christmas spending?

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7 thoughts on “Interactive Christmas Budget Calculator”

  1. This is a great tool! I think everyone forgets to add in things like special clothing, baking, and travel! I have holiday Tracker that I use to figure out my budget but this is great because you see how much you still NEED To save! Thanks for creating it!

    • How sweet of you, Sharon! Last year, we didn’t budget ahead for special meals and then I’m wondering why the grocery bill is so high… duh!

      Congratulations on being so prepared for the holidays already – it’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

  2. I save all year thru a Christmas Club at my bank. It really helps when it comes time for Christmas, as we have 8 children, 7 spouses and 13 grandchildren to buy for. We have a set amount for the grands and then give the adults a gift of money. I usually keep track of what I spend on each so I can keep on budget.


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