Chore Chart Round-up

Looking to get your kids to help out around the house more? Chore charts are a great way to keep your kids accountable and (maybe) help them be more cheerful when doing their chores. See this post for some fun and simple ways to create your own chore chart.

Are you tired of talking about chores yet? I promise, we’re almost done with this topic. 🙂

For many years, my kids have used what we call a “Morning List.”

Right after breakfast, they are sent to do the chores on the Morning List. Each kid’s list is tailored to his age and responsibilities. It should take about 10 minutes and it covers things like:

  • making the bed
  • brushing teeth and getting dressed
  • cleaning a sink or a toilet
  • tidying up a room
  • feeding the cat and the gecko
  • taking out the trash
  • putting away laundry

If we don’t get to any other chores for the entire day, we know that at least the basics have been covered.

I love that I can say “Do your Morning List,” and everyone knows exactly what I mean. Our expectations are clear. Each boy has a mini clipboard with his list clipped to it.

Having written chore lists is useful for the boys and for me because:

  • Everyone knows what needs to be done. There is no “You didn’t tell me to do that!”
  • The boys can check off their jobs with a dry erase marker to keep track.
  • A visual is much easier to follow than trying to remember 10 different things to do.
  • I can quickly check their work using their lists.

Since the boys have had basically the same Morning Lists for several years, they are (usually) very efficient at doing them.

A Pinterest Chore Chart Round-up

Our lists aren’t fancy or creative, but they do the job. However, there are so many ideas out there that are much more attractive. I’ve collected a bunch of my favorites on Pinterest. Be ready to be inspired!

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With all this pinspiration, even the most un-crafty mom (that’s me!) could create something fun to assign chores. Maybe it’s time to re-do our morning lists.

[This post is part of the How to Teach Your Kids to Do Chores series.]

How about at your house? Do you keep it simple with a handwritten list or do you have a fun way to list your kid’s chores?


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6 thoughts on “Chore Chart Round-up”

  1. I say “Start your day” and my kids go do their morning chores. Our lists are very similar to yours – make bed, clean room, brush teeth, change clothes, and then individual chores. We’ve tried checking off a list but I can never remember to check the list. I usually inspect their work when they are finished. It’s not uncommon for a little more work to be necessary.

    • I don’t inspect my kids work , as they are ADHD and Autism spectrum disorder
      So it’s a daily reminder just to do it and my pediatrician says as long as they are doing it and with out arguments is a good thing
      You can always go back once you’ve gotten this down and have them do it moms way
      I praise my son for a absolutely great job

  2. We also do a morning list and an after school list. I have found the app Chore Pad works really well. The kids get an excuse to go on the iPad to check the list. They also see their stars and points going up each time. As a parent you are able to set how many stars result in which prizes too. It’s worked very well for us. I have 3 kids 6, 8 and 10.

    My older 2, particularly my eldest, now does it without needing to check the list (although she still likes too). Thank God for routine!

    I love these Pinterest ideas though. I’d love to make them. I relax when I create. Xx. Thanks for sharing.


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