A printable checklist for an organized purse

A mom’s purse is full of critical things! Kind of like MacGyver – I’ll bet you can change a tire while keeping the baby happy and giving instructions to a co-worker, all with items out of your purse. Am I right?


When you have an organized and well-stocked purse, you’re better prepared for all those needs, big and small, that inevitably happen when you’re out of the house.

Here are some things that belong in a well-stocked purse.

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First aid / toiletries

  • tissues
  • bandaids
  • essential oils
  • dental floss
  • tiny scissors
  • lip gloss
  • travel size contact solution and case
  • Epipen and Benadryl for my allergic son


  • lipstick
  • pressed powder
  • mascara
  • hair elastics
  • bobby pins
  • comb
  • mirror


  • cash
  • credit and debit cards
  • drivers license, registration and insurance (keep clipped together)
  • library cards
  • store loyalty cards
  • health insurance card
  • checkbook and pen
  • coupons

Office supplies

  • small notebook or Post-it’s
  • pens
  • stamps
  • business cards

Keys (pared down to the essentials)


  • Phone
  • headphones
  • charger (or keep it right in the car)
  • cleaning wipes


  • stickers
  • crayons
  • matchbox cars
  • random interesting tidbits (pipe cleaners, travel mirror, little toys)


Snacks are practically required when you’re out of the house with little kids. But even now that my kids are older, I like to carry a small, non-perishable snack in my bag. Here are 30 ideas for healthy, portable snacks.

An organized purse
My new purse – I love the bright color and it has tons of room for all my must-haves! Don’t you love it?

I just upgaded my purse to this fabulous blue number from Target. Isn’t it gorgeous?
If you do end up with a lot of different items in your purse, some organization is a must. I keep my purse organized and clutter-free with zipper pouches.

What things do you keep in your purse?

Did you get your free printable version of this checklist here

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3 thoughts on “A printable checklist for an organized purse”

  1. Purse snacks are some of the best things in the world. It’s amazing at how many times having something stashed away in my purse has saved me from getting *too* hangry. I’m not the best at eating meals as often as I should (forgot to eat lunch yesterday, honestly), and having some kind of backup is an awesome thing!

  2. I have a medium size 3 subject notebook that I use for a food diary notes and recipes. I also carry my planner for my doctor appt. my kids and my Mom’s who has Alzheimer’s. My makeup to keep away from my 16 yr old daughter, my inhalers, wallet , pens, keys and medical cards.


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