After reading Your Simple Home Handbook, I discovered that author, Elsie Callender, and I are pretty much kindred spirits. Sure, there are some major differences (I have 4 big boys and she has one little tiny one. She lives in a 600 sq. ft cabin and my home is many times larger.) But despite these differences, when
One of the most common questions I get is, “Where do I start organizing?” If you’re wanting to organize a million things or you’ve got ambitious plans to declutter your entire home, you need a plan. If this is the case, I’ve got some suggestions for you. Exactly what you organize or declutter first will
Have you re-organized your kitchen recently? Once you commit to making healthy meals for your family, you’re likely to find your kitchen cabinets filling up with all kinds of ingredients and equipment. And all this stuff may leave you with a kitchen that quickly gets messy and isn’t nearly as efficient as it should be.
Do you find yourself reminding your kids over and over about certain commitments or responsibilities? This free printable weekly kids planner proactively encourages kids to be more responsible. Geared for elementary school kids,  it’s a great way to get them thinking ahead of time about what they need to do during the day throughout the week. Every

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