Decluttering and organizing your refrigerator may not sound exciting, or even sound like something you need to do. Learn refrigerator organization in 3 simple steps.  What if I told you that doing so will improve your overall health both instantly and long term. Are you interested now? Just like junk drawers, closets and garages, refrigerators can
You’ve probably heard of the KonMari method of decluttering. In KonMari, you decide what to keep and what to toss based on whether something “sparks joy” for you.   But what about kids artwork and school papers? Thanks bunches to Keepy for sponsoring this post! Affiliate links are present. There’s something irresistable about all
Do all those messy cables drive you crazy? We  have numerous cables and cords in our home – heck even in my purse! – and there’s nothing worse than having them turn into a ugly tangled mess. It’s frustrating and inconvenient when you get around to using one. I recently did a video on 2 genius
One critical piece of organziation that people tend to overlook is labeling. You can label your containers, cupboards and other compartments. There are so many ways to do this! Quick, pretty, elaborate, temporary, or permanent. Why should you use labels? When you label things in your home, it makes it easy for everyone to find things
You’re probably getting envelopes in the mail with all kinds of tax paperwork – 1099 statements, mortgage interest statements, etc. A lot of people just leave these mixed in with their other mail and try to ignore them as long as possible. Big mistake! When you do that, it’s a big pain when you
Once you start using essential oils, you’ll probably find yourself with an ever growing collection of those wonderful little bottles! #Truth? Those little bottles and supplies can easily get out of control. Essential oil storage is a must! Must-haves for essential oil storage, organization and convenience First you’ll need a place to keep your main collection of

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