If you’re reading this post, I’ll bet you’ve struggled at some point with a messy house. You are my people! We’re in this together! Because I know a secret that you might not yet have heard. Being organized (and having a home that’s easy to clean up) isn’t a gift or a talent. It’s
Would you like to have your smaller home stay more organized? Here are 5 tips that will help. They may sound overly simple, but I promise you – they make a huge difference if you follow them. 1. Every inch of storage counts! Get creative with vertical storage. In a small house, every square
Do you have a graduation ceremony this June? Maybe you’re celebrating some firsts (new house? new baby? new hip?) In our house, we’re celebrating 2 fun milestones: My 2nd son received an award for being in the top 10 of his class. (I am not actually an entire foot shorter than him – I
Decluttering and organizing your refrigerator may not sound exciting, or even sound like something you need to do. Learn refrigerator organization in 3 simple steps.  What if I told you that doing so will improve your overall health both instantly and long term. Are you interested now? Just like junk drawers, closets and garages, refrigerators can

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