As much as one can declutter, there will always be a need for good storage space in the home. Closets, basements, attics, and garages all have their purpose, whether it be to house sporting equipment, holiday supplies, or your bulky winter clothes. If left unchecked, storage spaces like these have a knack for getting
Whether you have a small home or plenty of room to spread out, using wall space for organizing and extra storage is always a smart idea. Adding extra storage to your wall spaces is a smart idea because: It’s convenient. Things stay close at hand, but out of the way. Things stay neater. Sweaters or coats on
Are the toys in your house driving you crazy? If you’ve got little kids (or big ones), you may have toy storage issues. Yet, kids and toys don’t automatically equal chaos. If you take a peek into a preschool classroom, you’ll probably find it’s not a disaster. Somehow the kids still manage to have
When it comes to living room organization, it’s not just about keeping it clutter-free and tidy – it’s about making sure the room is practical and useful as well. After all, the living room is the space in the home where all family members congregate and spend real time together. It’s bound to be

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