Are the toys in your house driving you crazy? If you’ve got little kids (or big ones), you may have toy storage issues. Yet, kids and toys don’t automatically equal chaos. If you take a peek into a preschool classroom, you’ll probably find it’s not a disaster. Somehow the kids still manage to have
When it comes to living room organization, it’s not just about keeping it clutter-free and tidy – it’s about making sure the room is practical and useful as well. After all, the living room is the space in the home where all family members congregate and spend real time together. It’s bound to be
Do you need kids artwork display ideas for all those projects your child brings home? If you struggle to declutter excess kids artwork and keep it organized and clutter-free, this post is full of resources and ideas to keep only the extra special memories and let go when needed. Affiliate links are present in this
Are you looking to create some motivation to work on your house? Have you wondered what all the fuss was about our “decluttering miracle calls”? Why is a group better than just buying a book and figuring this decluttering business out on your own? We’re going to give you a FULL WEEK of motivation
Is every room in your home filled-to-the-brim? Are you overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Do you have moments (or weeks/months) of “maintenance mode” where areas in your home are looking good… then they get neglected as you move onto work in other rooms of your home? We asked members of our community

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