Let’s declutter together over the next 28 days! If you have 4 weeks, you can give 4 areas of your home a refresh. It’s all part of the 28 Day Reboot, and it’s open for enrollment now. If you want to build a decluttering routine, you need 3 things: 1. Structure so you don’t
Have you tried all the popular decluttering and organizing techniques? Things like checklists, complicated systems, color-coding, STORAGE UNITS! These things do NOT work for most people. In today’s video, I’ll tell you why they don’t work and what you should do instead.   Some of the Popular Decluttering & Organizing Tips that Don’t Work
Imagine this: dishes piled up, laundry tossed on the bedroom floor, backpacks abandoned in the middle of the kitchen. Do you feel like your house is always messy? If you answer yes, you are not alone! Learn the simple habit that can keep your house cleaner with less work. (Affiliate links are present in
It always interests me how other people organize their kitchens. A well-organized kitchen employs certain principles, and organized people instinctively use these principles. If you’re not one of those people, however, you may struggle. I hope this post gives you some guidelines to work with as you organize (or re-organize) your kitchen. Affiliate links are

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I’m the creator of Decluttering School (formerly known as Early Bird Mom), lover of organized spaces, encourager to women and mom to four boys. Click here to read more!

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