When you’re knee-deep in the decluttering process, you may not be getting rid of the stuff you no longer want in the best way. You might accidentally be trashing items you should sell or donate, or donating items that should really go into the trash! That’s why we’re discussing how to donate decluttered items
Lockdown? Illness? Terrible weather? There are many reasons why you might be stuck at home for an extended period of time. While this often seems like the prime opportunity to start decluttering, being “stuck” at home can actually be a deterrent to being motivated and productive in itself. Here are some tips for decluttering
Anyone else have an abundance of craft supplies? What about unfinished or abandoned projects? Sometimes when craft supplies are collected, they may be incorrect for the task at hand or part of an old hobby that no longer serves us. So… What to do with all the excess craft supplies and tools you’re decluttering?

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