For some, the link between trauma and clutter is all too real. There’s undeniable pain and anxiety that accompanies the decluttering process, often causing us to get too overwhelmed to make real change. For others, the trauma is more insidious – creeping into your home and causing your clutter to get out of control
When my oldest son was about 5 or 6, he was obsessed with the movie Apollo 13. In that movie, Tom Hanks plays the main character, astronaut Jim Lovell, who encounters a sticky situation on the way to the moon. Watch this video to find out what this taught me about decluttering and achieving
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Fact: Even the supplies that help keep your house clean and tidy can turn into clutter. It almost feels a bit contradictory at first. However, think about it. Those bottles of half-used cleaning liquids, sudsing powders, rags, brushes, buckets, and piles of sponges can get unruly and need a cull from time to time.
We’ve got new decluttering coaches ready to work with you! These two coaches have been training with Sarah over the past few months, getting their businesses ready to help you achieve your biggest decluttering goals. See if they are a good fit by getting to know them better! Meet Our New Decluttering Coaches Salin

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