Since we try to limit our toys and keep the house as decluttered as possible, we steer toward non-toy gifts for the kids (and their friends as well). Whether it’s the holidays or just a string of kids’ birthdays approaching, this list will have you shopping for the best gifts that won’t add clutter
When you’re knee-deep in the decluttering process, you may not be getting rid of the stuff you no longer want in the best way. You might accidentally be trashing items you should sell or donate, or donating items that should really go into the trash! That’s why we’re discussing how to donate decluttered items
Lockdown? Illness? Terrible weather? There are many reasons why you might be stuck at home for an extended period of time. While this often seems like the prime opportunity to start decluttering, being “stuck” at home can actually be a deterrent to being motivated and productive in itself. Here are some tips for decluttering

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