Have you ever been in the midst of decluttering your home and caught yourself saying, “I really should …” As in “I should (read that book / play that game / use those art supplies).” If you’re like me, you’re probably not being completely honest with yourself. In fact, this sort of commentary will
Do you have a room in your home that is simply unusable, due to neglect and/or procrastination? Wouldn’t it be great to declutter and organize that room in order to create an inspiring space that is calm and inviting? One of our community members did just that with this cluttered catch-all makeover. The Story
Do you think of your decluttering work as a battle? You versus the world – or so it feels. The war against clutter can often seem neverending, overwhelming, and frustrating. Does it have to be that way? Is it you against your family who wants to save everything?  Or you against your impulses to
When I ask people what the biggest problem clutter causes for them, often the answer is stress. Clutter can cause some serious stress! When a place in my home is cluttered, I find it difficult to do anything productive. It’s like the clutter prevents me from thinking clearly. So over time, I’ve developed a

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I’m the creator of Decluttering School (formerly known as Early Bird Mom), lover of organized spaces, encourager to women and mom to four boys. Click here to read more!

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