When I ask people what the biggest problem clutter causes for them, often the answer is stress. Clutter can cause some serious stress! When a place in my home is cluttered, I find it difficult to do anything productive. It’s like the clutter prevents me from thinking clearly. So over time, I’ve developed a
Have you spent a lot of time decluttering your living room, but it still looks… cluttered? If you’re tired of a messy-looking living space, it might come down to fixing a few of these decluttering, design, and organization mistakes. Affiliate links are present in this post. 7 Things Making Your Living Room Look Cluttered
You’ve finally decided to get rid of the clutter from your home once and for all… A feeling of relief overcomes you as you reserve a dumpster to be delivered sometime in the next two weeks… But where do I even start? What goes in a dumpster? Will I have enough time? Where will
Do you need kids artwork display ideas for all those projects your child brings home? If you struggle to declutter excess kids artwork and keep it organized and clutter-free, this post is full of resources and ideas to keep only the extra special memories and let go when needed. Affiliate links are present in this
Have you ever tried to declutter a room but left off totally frustrated and discouraged? Decluttering is something people want to do, but they often go about it all wrong. If you’re decluttering your home, make sure you’re not making these common decluttering mistakes. 1. Not picking a focused area to declutter If you
It’s always fine to just say no if someone wants to unload their crap clutter onto you. But sometimes you want to be tactful. Say, for instance, if your mother-in-law raises her eyebrows when you don’t want her heirloom China cabinet, you’ll be ready. I asked some of the people in our community what they’d
Time – most of us swear we never have enough of it. “There just aren’t enough hours in the day,” we say. If the truth be known, it’s not our lack of extra time that keeps us from finishing our ongoing decluttering and organizing projects, achieving our goals, and living our best lives. Many

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