On the hunt for some laundry tips to tame that laundry pileup? Here are some great ways to easily tackle the laundry once and for all. I’m a recent convert to Downton Abbey (I know, I’m terribly late to the party! But at least I’ve arrived, right?) I’m loving all the gorgeous clothing
You can avoid a lot of household tasks! Also, you can eat all your meals out;  groceries delivered to your home;  even someone else can cut the grass for you. But unless you have a housekeeper with a lot of time on her hands, you will probably have to deal with the laundry sooner
Are you tired of talking about chores yet? I promise, we’re almost done with this topic. 🙂 For many years, my kids have used what we call a “Morning List.” Right after breakfast, they are sent to do the chores on the Morning List. Each kid’s list is tailored to his age and responsibilities.
Have you ever wondered what age-appropriate chores you should be tasking your child? Learning when and how to set up chores for kids can be a challenge. If you are like most parents, let me help guide you in the best chores for kids by age! In one of my favorite children’s books, Farmer
My kids are getting a kick out of the fact that I’m writing a series on chores. Chores are a big deal in our house. We clean for about 10 minutes in the morning and maybe another 20 or 30 in the afternoon. When 3 or 4 people work diligently for this amount of

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