Are you ready to spring clean your bathroom? The bathroom can get pretty grimy, but since it’s smaller than the other rooms in your home, it’s usually not too hard to deep clean. Use this printable checklist to hit all the important areas when cleaning your bathroom. (Click the graphic to download your checklist.)
A friend of mine (mother to one child) was in my kitchen yesterday. Three of my 4 boys were running in circles (not kidding), causing the usual hubbub. She mentioned that she didn’t know how I “do it all.” I laughed and said I didn’t know either. But then I got to thinking. Life
Funny story – way back before we had kids, my husband and I decided to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving. Somehow, instead of using the regular bake setting, someone pressed the “Clean” button. If you’ve ever cleaned your oven, you know that once that button is pressed and the oven heats up, the door
What is it with boys and shoes? My son’s soccer cleats start to stink after just a few wearings. He plays soooo hard! How to clean smelly shoes: (DIY shoe freshener) Luckily, it’s easy to get the smell out of smelly shoes. All you need are 2 ingredients: 1 tablespoon baking soda 2-4 drops Purification essential
Do you want to avoid chemicals in your home and save money on cleaning products? These natural homemade cleaning recipes are simple to make and cost just pennies per batch. 1. Simple all purpose cleaner Use on: kitchen counters, bathroom counters, other surfaces. Cost: approximately $0.25-.30 per quart 2. Homemade glass and window cleaner

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