Do you know any 4-year olds who love to clean up? Neither do I. If you’re dealing with kids who don’t believe in putting things away, read on. These tips can help teach your kid to clean up, so you don’t have to! First thing’s first: Most kids aren’t born neat. Sure, there’s the
It doesn’t matter if you only have 30 minutes, a full day, or the whole weekend to clean. Here are three tips for staying focused while cleaning. Keep reading to see what my “quick tidy” cleaning checklist looks like, too! 1) Make it “your time.” Yes, we all know that cleaning sucks. But if
Checklists are my way of keeping on top of things and staying motivated through less-than-exciting jobs (like spring cleaning!). Here’s a simple spring cleaning checklist you can use to cover all the important places in your kitchen. Related Read:  Check out this post if you’re interested in more ways to make spring cleaning easy! How
We’ve all hoped at one point that we could just have a robot clean our house for us–and for over a decade, we’ve been able to with the help of the Roomba. But how do we know if a Roomba is the right fit for our specific home, family, and lifestyle? Check out these

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