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One issue that causes a lot of grief and frustration as people declutter is having too much of a good thing. In this video, learn how to identify those things and how to let go. Weekly Worksheet Update The videos are still freely available. However, the worksheets themselves are now only available inside the
When you hear the word “limit” do you cringe and automatically feel resistance? A lot of people struggle against limits (“I don’t want to pare down my collection of figurines! Don’t tell me it’s wrong to have this many pairs of black pants!”). Setting limits and following them is a true task in itself.
I’ve got a large box of long fluorescent light bulbs in the basement. They have sat there for 4 years (ouch!). I keep telling myself I need to give them away or sell them (they cost quite a bit of money and they’re unused!). But I always seem to file this task under “Do

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I’m the creator of Decluttering School (formerly known as Early Bird Mom), lover of organized spaces, encourager to women and mom to four boys. Click here to read more!

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