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Besides cleaning the kitchen and their bedrooms, I want my kids to be able to clean their bathroom. This printable bathroom cleaning checklist helps them do just that – and without forgetting anything important in the process. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for your free printable! How to Use the Kids Printable
If you need to declutter, sometimes, it’s easiest to grab a box or a trash bag and start tossing! Start now with this checklist of 60 things you can declutter today, quickly and easily. Build your decluttering momentum with this checklist. Sometimes it starts with a small thing. Then another. Sometimes all it takes
Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? It says that 80% of the time you wear 20% of your clothes. It’s true! This means that it’s probably safe to let go of the other 80% of the things that you’re not wearing anyway! We’ve put together a guide (and printable chart) to help you
Checklists are my way of keeping on top of things and staying motivated through less-than-exciting jobs (like spring cleaning!). Here’s a simple spring cleaning checklist you can use to cover all the important places in your kitchen. Related Read:  Check out this post if you’re interested in more ways to make spring cleaning easy! How
When it comes to living room organization, it’s not just about keeping it clutter-free and tidy – it’s about making sure the room is practical and useful as well. After all, the living room is the space in the home where all family members congregate and spend real time together. It’s bound to be
Is every room in your home filled-to-the-brim? Are you overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Do you have moments (or weeks/months) of “maintenance mode” where areas in your home are looking good… then they get neglected as you move onto work in other rooms of your home? We asked members of our community
Do you ever have a hard time getting your kids to clean up their rooms? Me too! My bedroom cleaning checklist will help teach your kiddos what is expected of them! Normally, my kids are rockstars at doing chores. They pitch in around the house constantly and, thank goodness – I could never keep

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