We all hate having wasted money on stuff that's taking up space in our homes.

Sure, you could give it all away, but wouldn't it be nice to get back some of that lost money? 

Do you have some things that you paid good money for that are just taking up space?

Are you wishing you get back some of the good money wasted on things you're not using?

Are your friends cashing in using eBay, Facebook marketplace, or even consignment stores?

Are you tired of ignoring the "to be sold" pile in the corner? 

Do you know that you want to sell some of your stuff but it just seems like too much work

Can you really make money selling your clutter?

Of course you can. 

You just need to know a few simple tips and you can start making money with virtually no expenses today.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to declutter AND get paid for your efforts?

CASH IN is the guide that will show you how to turn your clutter into cash in your pocket.

CASH IN will show you:

  • The no-brainer way to decide whether to sell an item or to put it in the donate pile
  • How to answer everyone’s biggest question - what’s a reasonable price to ask?
  • The no-stress method to listing your item from start to finish in 5 quick steps
  • How to describe your item without sounding like a used car salesman
  • Must-follow tips on taking great photos in just minutes without expensive equipment (photos can be the difference between selling something in hours vs. waiting weeks for buyers to contact you!)
  • How to navigate the easiest selling experience ever
  • We interviewed the pros! We spoke to pawn shops, estate sales and auctions, and consignment stores to get their insider tips on what sells best.
  • A curated list of 14 niche websites that will buy your old DVDs, electronics, makeup (yes, really!) and more
  • … and lots more

Please note: yard sales are not covered in this guide.

"After using the tips in CASH IN, I've made $1,300 and cleared out several closets in my house.

I'm addicted to selling!"

- Colleen 

What kinds of things can you sell?

Almost anything you can imagine! Here are some ideas for starters:

How to sell your clutter for cash
How To Downsize Your Wardrobe
  • Used clothing
  • Sports equipment
  • Baby gear (strollers, high chairs, toys, etc.)
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Gaming equipment
  • Yarn
  • Shoes
  • Books
  • Craft supplies and fabric
  • Board game pieces
  • Kitchen gadgets
  • Vehicles
  • Jewelry
  • Vintage anything
  • Appliances
  • Even empty containers!

When you order CASH IN, here's what you get:

Cash In Cover

A 32 page Guide

Everything you need to know to start selling today packed into a quick and easy to read guide. 

Step-by-step instructions walk you through the process of deciding what to sell, picking your price, writing descriptions, taking photos, and creating your listing.

3 Bonus video tutorials

Short videos show you:

- the easy way to research prices

- how to list on eBay

- how to take great photos with the phone you've already got

Getting Started Checklist

Follow this quick checklist and you’ll have 3 items listed for sale by the time you’ve finished reading the guide.

Special Bonus Training!

Do you get a thrill out of finding a good deal? Is your stuff your security blanket? When life is out of control, do you find comfort at the store? Retail therapy is real but it comes with a cost.

If you've ever struggled at parting with your clutter (like I have), this bonus is FOR YOU!


I'm Jeanne Davis, and I'm going to share some of the secrets I've learned that have helped me let go of items I'm clinging to.

Jeanne Davis is a military spouse and mother of 5 adorable children. She is a self proclaimed recovering hoarder and believes that strong community is key to staying on the positive path of recovery success. As a sentimental, recovering hoarder, she has learned not only the necessity of decluttering but also the value of disposing of the purged items in a profitable manner. 
Jeanne has earned over $20,000 selling clutter from her own household within an 18 month period. When it comes to selling, she has discovered tried and true methods that work in a variety of locations and markets. 
In the past 6 years she has lived in 5 states and moving from Hawaii to Texas in the summer of 2021.

Just think - you could start EARNING money off your clutter today!
All it takes is a sale or two and you’ll have earned back what you spent on the guide. Every sale after that is FREE money in your pocket.


Cash In Cover

You get it all: 

The Guide

3 Video Tutorials 

Getting Started Checklist
Flip Side Bonus Training


CASH IN comes with the Decluttering School standard, iron-clad 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

If you purchase this guide and you haven't earned back at LEAST as much as you paid, OR you aren’t satisfied for any reason at all, just contact my team at sarah@declutteringschool.com to ask for a refund within 30 days. It’s that easy.

About the Author

Sarah Mueller is single mom to 4 boys ranging in age from 9 to 20. She adores encouraging other women to discover the freedom that comes from decluttering and organizing without perfectionism.

Sarah is the founder of the motivational and inspiring Facebook group, Declutter My Home with 69,000 members and counting, as well as Decluttering Club on Facebook and the Decluttering School website.

People are experiencing massive transformation in their lives when they start working with Sarah.

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