20 decluttered items to sell for extra cash for Christmas

With Christmas (or Hanukkah) right around the corner, you may be wondering if you can add to your holiday shopping budget by selling some of that clutter. I mean, you’ve got a LOT of stuff waiting to be sold, right?

Let me share 20 ways to sell decluttered items for extra cash for Christmas.

cash for christmas decluttered items

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It’s another perk of decluttering your home – and definitely motivation to get the project underway. Why not put some of that clutter up for sale and make some extra cash for Christmas gifts this year?

20 Ways to Sell Decluttered Home Goods for Cash for Christmas

how to make extra money for Christmas

1. Used clothing

Yep! Used clothing sells very well. You can sell kids clothes (especially in bundles or lots) or designer clothing.

2. Sports equipment

Kids sports gear is especially popular – my kids ALWAYS outgrow their soccer cleats before the end of the season.

One year, my son insisted on getting Nike cleats for the season (he was even willing to pay the difference between my budget and those pricey shoes!) And sadly by the end of the season, they were too small and wouldn’t fit in the spring.

Good thing they were still in great shape! We could list them for sale and get back a good portion of what we spent.

3. Toys

Kids toys are easy and fun to sell. I’ve made hundreds of dollars selling just a handful of kids toys that have been decluttered over the years.

household items to sell for quick cash

Start with the high-value sets that your kids have grown out of like this Q-ba marble run that my kids got for Christmas one year.

4. Baby Gear

Similar to toys, baby gear is a hot item to buy used. Especially if you’ve got a higher-end stroller or high chair – you can often command a nice chunk of what you paid for it.  Bonus points to you if you bought it used, to begin with.

Have a lot of baby clothes you could swap for cash? Check out these tips for decluttering baby clothes to get you started.

5. Furniture

Seriously – furniture sells extremely well in some areas! Of course, newer items and items in excellent condition can command the best prices.

With furniture, as with anything you’re selling online, you always want to take photos in good natural light and remove any distracting items before you snap that photo. Identify any wear or defects so the buyer can understand exactly what you’re selling.

Money Peach has some excellent tips on how to get the most money when selling used furniture.

6. Electronics

I love selling electronics because they’re usually lightweight when compared to their value (as opposed to books or clothing, for instance). Pull out your newer model electronics (gaming consoles, games, controllers, newer phones, etc.) and list them for some quick cash.

 items to sell for quick cash

We sold my mom’s printer for $19 not long ago – that’s $19 for mom and we freed up a whole shelf in the basement!

7. Plant Cuttings

Who knew? Some people do very well by selling plant cuttings! If your houseplants are overflowing their pots, why not take some cuttings and make some extra money that way?

things to sell for quick cash

8. Shoes

Remember those cute shoes you bought for your cousin’s wedding that you’ll never be able to wear again? Those are the perfect shoes to sell!

They’re not doing you any good in your closet (buried underneath all those chunky sweaters), and they’re still in fashion which helps bring in more money.

(Insider tip from our guide, CASH In: List shoes like this that are almost new for 25-50% of what you paid and consider it a down payment on your next pair of shoes.)

9. Books

So books are a little tricky – individually they don’t fetch very much at all on Amazon or the other used book sites. BUT if you put a lot together – say a set of 10 classic children’s board books – and promote it as the perfect baby shower gift, you’ve got a winner!

Also, if you spend a little time searching, you may be able to pull the rare books out of your home library that WILL return much more than average.

10. Craft Supplies

Why not put together kits from that overflowing stash of craft things? Often you’ll have supplies left over from a project – that’s the perfect stuff to put together into a bundle to sell.

Your buyer will be happy that she didn’t have to buy the entire package of pipe cleaners or balsa wood blocks, and you’ll have more money in your Paypal account.

11. Pet Toys and Gear

Now I’m not suggesting you sell used pet toys. Ew – that’s gross. BUT you may have toys your pets have never had any interest in or that never actually got opened and are just sitting there in the cupboard.

Or maybe you’ve got a crate or carrier you no longer need. Or how about taking some of that excess fabric (you know who you are) and turning it into pet bandanas?

People spend a fortune on their pets and there’s no reason you can’t help them out by selling them your clutter. They get a bargain and you get the money.

12. Board Game Pieces

Ever had a few pieces go missing from your favorite board game? You’re not alone! Why not take those remaining pieces and sell them one at a time to other people who are looking to replace their missing pieces?

13. Fabric

What is it about fabric? I think buying fabric is a completely separate hobby from actually using it!

If you’ve got a large fabric stash, challenge yourself to sell 25% of it. Hey – that’s more money for your next project, right?

(Check this post out if you’re not looking to get rid of all your fabric right now and instead need tips for organizing your sewing room.)

14. Vehicles

This may not exactly qualify as true clutter but it is a fantastic way to make some extra cash, especially if you sell your vehicle privately. And just think of all the room you’ll free up when that extra car is no longer sitting in your driveway.

15. Kitchen Gear

Oh my gosh – the kitchen stuff takes up SO much room! Do you have a fantastic-yet-pricey Vitamix hogging an entire cupboard, the Keurig that no one uses or enough silicone bakeware to pull off a one-woman bake sale? Put those babies up for sale!

I promise you won’t miss ‘em and your bank account will thank you.

16. Jewelry

Yes! Jewelry is a fantastic item to sell. Make sure it’s all clean and shiny, take some nice photos, write a fun description and list it for sale.

It’s a cinch to ship and someone else will be thrilled to buy it from you.

17. Junk

Yes, I said junk. I cannot explain why but people do in fact buy junk on eBay.

This is stuff like:

  • toilet paper rolls
  • wine corks (ok, maybe these are actually craft supplies)
  • coupons
  • old software CDs
  • prescription pill bottles
  • non-working appliances
  • etc. etc.

I guess it shows that what I would consider junk is actually valuable to someone else. Better than ending up in the landfill!

18. Vintage Anything

This is good news if you’ve been holding on to that old record player or that antique flapper dress! There are currently 1,197,051 results for “vintage” in the eBay toy section alone! Get busy, people!

19. Old Coins

Did you have a coin collector in your family? I do. My grandfather left a small box that weighs about 30 pounds full of all kinds of coins. Some of them are perfectly preserved in plastic cases; others are just dumped in there.

This box hasn’t been touched in at least 40 years. I need to sort through it do a little research and list some of the rarer items. Can’t wait to see how much they bring!

20. Appliances

Did you just upgrade your vacuum (to a Roomba, perhaps?) or washing machine to a newer model? Someone else will be thrilled with your hand-me-down. Don’t let it sit in the garage for the next 5 years; sell it now and pocket the extra cash.

Are you ready to start selling?

Cash In Cover

See our guide, CASH In: + Easy Ways to Sell your Clutter for Cash. It’s got everything you need to:

  • decide WHAT to sell (so you can focus and prioritize)
  • decide how much to charge and how long to wait for something to sell
  • stay organized with your listings and sales
  • learn simple tips that’ll help you take great photos in minutes even if you don’t have a “good” camera
  • lots more!

What is one item you have sold that has made you extra cash for Christmas?



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  1. I sold our portable DVD player that we used on car trips with our girls. Made a little ca-ching for Christmas and now another family get some use out of it.


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