Capable Kids

Capable Kids

How to teach your kids to clean up their bedrooms (and other areas of your home)

Even if you feel guilty for asking … or you think it’s too late for your kids. ​


“Remote school is putting kids under toxic stress” 
– Washington Post

“Student anxiety, depression increasing during school closures” 
– Ed Source.org

“Stressed out from online back-to-school? Experts offer advice” 
– Sun Sentinel

Are you nodding your head at these major news headlines?

Kids everywhere are struggling to adjust to the transition to online school.

For many kids, in-person school provided a comforting sense of structure and stability to their day.

Now school time overlaps with breakfast time and math class bleeds into free time. There’s no organized school classroom to help kids focus.

This extra freedom might sound like a good thing but it’s created tons of stress for some kids.

Anyone who’s had a toddler at bedtime knows that kids thrive on structure.

They’ll demand you read the same book 10 times in a row. They’ll insist that you brush teeth AFTER putting on PJs and not before.

Toddlers aren’t the only kids who need structure.

Older kids need it too.

And all that structure went out the window with the advent of online schooling in this Covid era.

Suddenly there was no geographical separation between home and school (with a nod to homeschoolers who’ve never had this separation). Now the kitchen has to do double-duty as classroom (and maybe home office too). If maintenance was a struggle before the lockdowns hit, you’re probably drowning now. And your kids are likely suffering because of it.

Kids crave order and organization but that doesn’t mean that they are able to ask for it. Instead, they’ll do things like refuse to participate, get easily distracted, or have a meltdown because they can’t find the right pencil.

Or they’ll refuse to turn on their video during Zoom calls because they’re overwhelmed or embarrassed by the state of their work space.

Most kids crave a level of order but they don’t instinctively know how to create it. It’s up to parents to show them how to create this structure and organization.

In addition, the act of putting things in order creates feelings of calmness and control. You don’t want to do this FOR your child; you want to do it WITH them. They will benefit greatly from being empowered to take some simple steps to put their environment in order, whether it’s a school workspace, their own bedroom, or the family kitchen.

The good news is that it only takes a few habits to turn a messy space into one that’s organized and calm.

And once kids are empowered to maintain their spaces, they’ll love this capable feeling! That’s when you can move on to other jobs such as laundry, cleaning bathrooms, and other household chores.

What you’ll learn:

Secret #1

Girl taking out the trash

How to teach your kids to be independent so you reduce stress and anxiety. 

Overall stress levels go way down when you lead with this concept. AND your house will stay cleaner – win- win!

Secret #2

Boy putting away dishes

The ninja-mom way to present these skills so that your kids stop treating you like the maid

I’m not promising that they will be grateful but at least they’ll start learning what it takes to run a household.

Secret #3

Little girl washing dishes

The 3 things you MUST know that will make chores a (mostly) positive experience in your home for everyone. You’ll learn simple attitude shifts that you can apply to yourself AND teach your kids. 

When you use this strategy, you’ll create an atmosphere of teamwork.

You’ll also learn:



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Who is Capable Kids for?

This program is for parents and caregivers of kids ages 3-13 who want their kids to learn how to participate in the housework.

What you’ll get with the Capable Kids online program.

The Capable Kids program will equip you to walk your child through our simple and upbeat chore-training process.

Work on your own time, at your own pace.


William doing chores

About the Program Creator

Sarah Mueller is the founder of the Decluttering School as well as single mom to 4 boys, ages 9-20. 

Her kids have been doing chores since they learned to walk. 

They’re not always enthusiastic, but they are extremely capable!

Frequently Asked Questions

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No – this is completely new material!

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