What to do if you’re burned out on decluttering

Are you burned out on decluttering?

Burnout is REAL!

If you’ve been decluttering for a while, you might be afraid to stop (for fear that you won’t start again). Or you may think there’s no way you have the luxury of taking a break.

decluttering burnout

Taking a break is NOT a luxury, my friend.

And if you never give yourself permission to slow down, you might find yourself paralyzed and unable to lift a finger.

This is burnout.

It’s the topic of the video I just finished.

Maybe it’s time to take a break. But make sure your break serves you and doesn’t make it really hard to start decluttering again.

Watch this video to find out:

  • how to know when it’s time to rest
  • what you should never stop doing even in periods of rest
  • what you must avoid doing if you’re not actively decluttering
  • what true rest looks like and how it’s different from wasting time

Extra Tips for Avoiding Burnout While Decluttering

Have a Plan

Diving in with no clear action plan is a recipe for a disaster when you have a lot of clutter to address. Making a plan and a schedule will keep you focused and help you tune into that task at hand.

Work with Small, Bite-sized Tasks

When creating your plan, make sure you break it all down into manageable mini tasks. (We teach this method in Step-by-Step Decluttering, by the way!)

An example of this would be to declutter and clear out the basement shelves instead of the entire basement.

And then, be sure to complete those mini tasks before moving on to the next. This will help you to see and feel real progress without overwhelm setting in.

Decluttering After a Break

And once you’ve had a rest, you might need some extra motivation to get back in the groove of decluttering.

Are you currently resting or decluttering?


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3 thoughts on “What to do if you’re burned out on decluttering”

  1. My mother never did any housework after supper. She did her work in the day and she said after supper was time to relax. I think it’s good to establish a quitting time

  2. I have a 12 yard dumpster sitting in my yard and my daughter and I are trying to fill it with the ” stuff” I have collected for over 30 years and don’t need anymore. I’m 81 and it’s hard for me to lift some of the bags I have filled. I take some of the things to the Rescue Mission, but most of it is trash. BUT, I have kept more than I have donated or trashed.
    How can I get my mind around getting rid of it!!!???

    • Gwen, does help to thInk that if you don’t get that done and if something happens to you your daughter will have the responsability? When a loved one dies there is So much that need taken care of for your family. And they may not do as you would


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