Beware these 2 paperwork pitfalls

Who dreads the thought of dealing with the paper piles in their home?

Paperwork nightmares are the BIGGEST problem most people face with clutter.

I asked last week if you had 1 wish for your paper piles, what would it be?

And you all responded!

Hundreds and hundreds of email replies (my apologies if I didn’t respond!)

And so we’re going to tackle that together over the next couple weeks.

The first step is to be aware of what the common pitfalls are.

You’ve got to know what NOT to do before you can focus on what TO do.

Here’s a 2 minute video with the 2 biggest pitfalls I see when people try to conquer the paperwork mess.

Would you like an easier way to manage paper clutter?

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5 thoughts on “Beware these 2 paperwork pitfalls”

  1. Sarah,
    The two minute paper pitfalls video doesn’t seem to be there. I’m trying to decide whether to invest in this. I’m real close and think this extra two minutes will clinch the decision. Can you help me find the clip?

  2. Thank you for that. The reason I put paper in a pile is because I think I need to still do something with that paper … answer a letter, make a donation, read thoroughly. My piles get bigger without the tasks being accomplished. So I’m dealing with two problems there:(

  3. I fear throwing away papers related to tax info ( how many years to save tax reports). Some say 3 years some 7 years.
    Where to store them.


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