I asked, you answered! Your best cleaning tips…

Do you have that friend who always has the best cleaning tip?

Like the one who knows exactly how to clean every surface or tackle the toughest laundry stains?

Well, we asked a whole bunch of people like that for their best cleaning tips.

Here’s what they said:

We use cleaning wipes in the bathrooms. But we keep a tub under each sink for ease and accessibility. That way when a sink/toilet/tub needs a quick clean up midweek it’s not a drag to go downstairs into the laundry room to get a single wipe. –Catrina Chantler


I recently discovered that blue Dawn is amazing for cleaning soap scum (especially in the bath tub)! It also worked well for cleaning kitchen cabinets. And I use it to clean my eyeglasses! –Allison Hall


Keep cleaning even when it’s “not that dirty” Its easier to wipe up a mess or dust something quickly than it is to wait months and have to really scrub it down. –Kelsey Meester


Best tub/shower cleaner ever is to heat up a little vinegar in the microwave and put it a spray bottle with the same amount of dawn soap. 1/2 dawn and 1/2 warm vinegar. Use right away. Awesome!!! –Patti Graper


Don’t let the work pile up. Fold your laundry straight out of the dryer; don’t let your dishes sit in the sink. Of you have small children keep a basket in the living room to quickly pick up toys that don’t belong and easily be able to take them back to where they do belong without needing to make multiple trips. –Brittany Rice


I make a game out of using the time it takes to heat something up in the microwave or to wait for my coffee to brew–even if I only have 30 seconds, I quickly figure out some surface I can wipe down or try to empty my entire dishwasher in the amount of time it takes for the coffee to brew, etc. I can always get so much more done then I think is possible when I make a game out of it and challenge myself to get as much done as possible in a set time. –Jennifer Whitney

Don’t put it down, put it away –Judith Rutledge


I also keep baking soda in a “cheese shaker” type of kitchen container. You know, the glass ones with the perforated tops? I keep one in each bathroom to clean w/ vinegar spray. –Julia Kate


Clean one side of a window horizontally and the other side vertically. That way, you’ll know which side a smear is on. –Just Maudie


If you have mobility issues, consider using a Swiffer to clean the shower from a seated position. –Gretchen Louise


Set a timer. 5 mins or 15 mins or 30 mins or whatever; having a set amount of time helps you get more done & not get overwhelmed. I set 10 min timers and it helps me get more done. –Stephanie Veteto


Music! If I can sing and dance while I work, I stay with it longer. –Barbara Bennett


My favorite timesaver is to turn the mop against the baseboards until it is really tight like you are ringing it out (I use a wonder mop) and you can get your baseboards spotless without bending over. I just scrub back and forth and move onto the next section. –Kat Snow


Put a bowl of water with some baking soda in it in the microwave and heat up. Then you can easily wipe the microwave clean. –Chris Asprey


Dawn dish detergent and vinegar mixed together to clean the shower! I also put a Bounce dryer sheet in the bottom of trashcans to keep them fresh. Another thing I do to clean the dishwasher inside is to put a cup of vinegar on the top rack and then run a complete cycle. –Shannon Anderson


Magic eraser for the bathtub. It never looked so bright. –Jennifer Lynn


When you get the mail open it at the trash. Recycle the envelope and put the bills in a place to pay. –Pamela Sears


Picture Prompts! Take pictures of the kids’ rooms (playroom, front hall closet, whatever you need) all clean and tidy and print them out for them to refer to when they are cleaning their spaces! It helps them see what you mean when you say “time to clean your room” (and has made cleaning up so much easier for my ADHD kids, since they can now visualize what needs to be done!). –Kate McPartlan


Ok don’t laugh, I just realized I do this…While having a potty break I take paper and wipe base boards, toilet hinges, etc… I’m already close to the floor, so why not!! –Callie Betz


Denture cleaning tablets are great in funky porcelain toilets!! –Holly Shields-McDonald


Doing a nightly kitchen clean up including dishes, takes much less time than letting the dishes sit there and having everything get dried on! It’s just me and my son, but it never takes more than 10 minutes or so to do up the dishes and wipe down the stove/counter tops/table each night! –Renee McClellan


Use large swifter to quickly clean walls.
Clean indoor garbage, compost & recycle bins often.
Leave used fabric softener sheets in bottom of pails to keep it smelling fresh.
Sprinkle baking soda on and around toilet & spray w cleaning Vinegar. Leave 5 minutes and wipe clean. Removes odors and sparkles while it cleans. –Cheryl Chandler


Sort of a cleaning/organizing combo idea- a cleaning caddy of some type that is small enough and easy enough to carry from room to room. Taller are better for the spray bottles. Treat yourself to a cute one or bling it up. I keep glass cleaner, all surface multi-purpose cleaner, rag, paper towels, scissors, tape, labels, adhesive remover pads, rubber bands, sharpie marker, notepad/pencil, magic eraser, cleaning toothbrush, small trash bags, Ziplocs, etc. When I’m tidying up a room or even decluttering I’m bound to run into a board game that needs it’s box corner taped, a box that needs to be labeled, a deck of cards that needs rubber banded or a sticker on a bedpost that needs removed. I will often think of things for my list to jot down along the way (sew hole in bed skirt, ask friend if she wants the train table, need light bulb in hallway, etc.) These are all things that slow me down if I have to stop and get things. Also, I never toss an old toothbrush; they’re awesome for cleaning small areas/jewelry. –Shelly DeMars-Howald


1. Use plain old mineral oil on a paper towel to get that greasy grime off stove hoods and on and around cabinet handles. 2. Keep one of those dish wand scrubbers that you fill with dish detergent in your shower but fill it with a squirt of Dawn and rest of way with vinegar and do a quick swipe while you’re showering. 3. Tie (or use rubber bands) two microfiber cloths on a pair of kitchen tongs (one on each tong) and use to swipe up dust on both sides of window blinds at once. 4. Use pledge to clean and shine your stainless steel appliances. –Lisa Goff


Don’t believe everything you read on a can or bottle of cleaner. Soap, water, and a rag can clean almost anything. For deep dirt I add a little baking soda when scrubbing. For disinfectant, spray alcohol, or spray scented vinegar. Stronger stuff really is not necessary for everyday cleaning. –Ally AndTroy


Magic erasers! I can clean my whole shower scrubbed in 2 minutes flat with one. I learned that in housekeeping in a hotel. –Jasmine Rose


Hire a housekeeper, if you can afford it. –Numerous of  our Community Members


Just in case you’re too stressed about cleaning, remember this!


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