Automatic no?

Why Some People Will Never Pay for Decluttering Help

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A Personal Story

I was talking to a relative of mine the other day, who is a very successful business owner. And he was telling me how it bugs him to pay for the service that he uses to email his customers. And ideally, he would just email them from his personal Gmail account and intuit that way, even though it only costs $9 a month. And I just thought that was so fascinating. So interesting, because I am the exact opposite.

The Value of Help

If I find a tool or a resource or a person that can help me solve a problem, or it can help me with what I’m trying to do, and the value that they give me is greater than the price that it’s going to cost me, for me that’s going to be a yes every single time.

And I was thinking that is very similar to a lot people in their attitude towards decluttering help?

They think “there’s just no way I’m gonna pay for that.”

It’s a no and it doesn’t really matter how much value they’re getting or how much they’re saving. They just cannot imagine paying for that kind of help. And I thought that’s  so unfortunate but some people are just like that.

The Core Membership

This is my question to you: Is decluttering help something that you would just never ever consider paying for?

Or is it something that you’re all in on paying for because you know that the benefit outweighs the cost?

I’d love to hear about it.

We’re getting ready to open the doors to the Core membership, which is our most affordable membership level. At just about $1 a day, I can’t imagine saying no to help like that.

So make sure that you are on the waitlist for that if this is something that you value and want to pay for.

Go here to join the Core membership waitlist.


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9 thoughts on “Automatic no?”

  1. I LOVE CORE! I wish my circumstances had not changed. When I am no longer in this situation I will be back! My basement flooded recently. Today water remediation came. I looked at things in the dumpster I had forgotten about, like my mother’s silk scarves. My flood included fecal matter and 5″ of this stayed for days. Soaked everything. Anyway, I didn’t like my mother, but those scarves and their elegant box really hurt. No way to retrieve anything stored in my basement. My scary place needs no decision.

  2. My automatic buying no is plastic grocery bags. I don’t care what I have to carry or push out in a cart. I have not, nor will I ever pay for bags, I’m in California.

  3. I love this program because as a member I have access to a lot of tools, and help in my decluttering journey. In addition, I find the posts from members to be inspiring and give me ideas for storage and cleaning solutions that I would not have found without this group. My house isn’t perfectly uncluttered, but it keeps getting better!

  4. I would be willing to pay for help, but it would need to be right here, in person physical help. I’m very willing to let go of stuff, but I’m old and have health problems. So if you want to come to my house and carry out stuff I point to, I’ll get my credit card out.

  5. I would pay for the program and others if I was in the position to. Unfortunately/fortunately depending on how you look at it, I have my 91 year old mother living with me and she is destitute. So while a dollar a day isn’t much $365 is a lot when paying for medical, care expenses and things like glasses. It’s not the daily stuff, it’s all the other stuff…… but at the end how fortunate am I to still have my mom. Perspective is everything. May all those that do the program enjoy it and benefit from it. I am thankful I got to do the free program will you all the best for the future.

  6. I have paid for decluttering help more than once. I keep thinking I should be able to deal with this issue after all these years.

    Right now, my apt is beyond bad. Every surface is covered with stuff with stuff in them, piles of books (some of which feel off my badly made Ikea shelving); YES, it’s OVERWHELMING! And yes, the clutter is keeping me from doing things–making jewelry, starting to paint again. There’s NO room to do anything comfortably. So I MUST start with just one little spot, finish decluttering and go on to the next.

    Thank you for all the great advice gratis. You’re the BEST1


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