How to start decluttering after a long break

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How to start decluttering after a break OR how to keep your momentum for the long term. If you’ve ever had to take a break from decluttering or working on an organizing project, you may have had trouble finding motivation to get going again.

Maybe you’re frustrated because your progress has slipped in the meantime and your house is messy again.

Keep reading (or scroll down for the video) to see a better way to get back in the groove as you declutter.

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Making the Most of a Dumpster Rental

how to make the most of dumpster rental cover

You’ve finally decided to get rid of the clutter from your home once and for all…

A feeling of relief overcomes you as you reserve a dumpster to be delivered sometime in the next two weeks…

But where do I even start?

What goes in a dumpster?

Will I have enough time?

Where will all this clutter go in the meantime as we wait for the dumpster to arrive?

These questions (and many more perhaps you didn’t even know you had!) will be answered in the following list of advice from members of our community.

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Is a Roomba right for you?

Make Cleaning Easier: Is a Roomba Right for You?

We’ve all hoped at one point that we could just have a robot clean our house for us–and for over a decade, we’ve been able to with the help of the Roomba.

But how do we know if a Roomba is the right fit for our specific home, family, and lifestyle?

Check out these quick tips to determine if a Roomba is the perfect addition to your cleaning routine or simply another gadget that will go unused.

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