How to catch up (and keep up!) with your mail so it's never a problem again

You'll actually look forward to getting the mail when you learn the easy way to manage it

7 Days to Organized Mail will teach you how to set up a simple system for dealing with the mail AND work through the backlog even if you've got boxes and boxes of unread mail.

Here’s what you’ll get:

#1 How to setup a convenient SYSTEM for your mail

Do you just toss your mail into a pile, a box or even a grocery bag and hope you don't have to dig through in the future to find something?

I don't have to tell you how stressful this is when it's time to pay your bills, find your car registration renewal, or call the health insurance company about a charge. 

You may have tried in the past to put a system in place; however most systems are too complicated or way too inconvenient to keep up with for more than a week. 

The 7 Days system is SIMPLE. You don't need to buy any supplies or special labels or space hogging inboxes to set this up. Just follow the directions on Day 1 and you'll already be ahead of the game. 

#2 Easy solution for managing magazines and catalogs

This is the kind of mail we typically enjoy receiving. 

Unfortunately if you've got a backlog of magazines, you'll feel like Lucy and Ethel at the chocolate factory - the harder you work, the faster it seems to pile up!

A backlog of magazines, catalogs and journals takes up precious storage space. But more importantly, it creates a tremendous amount of guilt and stress. If you have a stack of these, you're likely worrying about when you'll ever find the time to go through them all. But you can't just throw them away because you might miss something. 

You'll learn exactly how to handle this problem without experiencing "FOMO" (fear of missing out).  

#3 How to handle mail for the others in your home

Maybe you've got your own mail under control but your spouse or your adult children receive buckets of mail and they leave it all over the house. (And maybe they blame you when they can't find that one piece of important paper?) 

7 Days to Organized Mail will show you what to do so that even others in your home become more organized with the mail. 

This program is for you if you:

  • have more than a week's worth of mail piled up
  • frequently lose important papers in the mail
  • cringe when you see the mail carrier at the door
  • sometimes lose or forget to take care of bills and other time-sensitive letters

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