45 secrets to fix a messy house

If you’re reading this post, I’ll bet you’ve struggled at some point with a messy house.

You are my people!

We’re in this together!

Because I know a secret that you might not yet have heard.

Being organized (and having a home that’s easy to clean up) isn’t a gift or a talent.

It’s a skill… a series of strategies and ideas….

… tips even!

And anyone can learn those tips and ideas.

Even the messiest person.

That’s why my house is pretty easy to clean up.

That’s why I’m pretty organized.

Not because I’m meticulous.

Nothing is alphabetized or cataloged in my house LOL.

Nope. I just know that my life is nicer and easier when I use those strategies.

And then I have time for things like throwing the football with my kids or watching the monarch caterpillars devour the milkweed plants in my garden.

Or reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for hours on a Saturday.

If this sounds good to you, you are invited to be my guest at an online summit called Get Organized HQ. (UPDATE: this summit is now over but you can still purchase the talks.)


This summit brings together over 40 speakers (including yours truly!) talking about all aspects of organization!

You can pick from talks on:

– how to keep your countertops and desktops free of paper piles.
– an inside peek on how some of the busiest women schedule their days
– effective meal planning tips to save time, energy, and money!
– break out of your yoga-pants rut and affordable style and fashion tips as you streamline your wardrobe.
-… and so much more!

A couple quick tips about this online summit:

1. Don’t freak out but you have 45 talks to choose from.

This is a LOT! I don’t want you to freak out and get overwhelmed. I’m going to email you next week with a planner and tips on staying focused and not getting stressed out about all the things to watch.

2. Get Organized HQ is totally free.

The free pass gets you in to all of the talks. But you only have 24 hours to watch each one.

If you want to watch the talks at your own convenience, you can upgrade to the All Access Pass and get lifetime access.

Chantal was one of the early buyers.

She wrote in to say,

“You guys are SO generous – seriously!
I’ve paid double for conferences that aren’t as awesome as Get Organized HQ! I can’t wait for it to begin!!!

(UPDATE: this summit is now over but you can still purchase the talks)

Let’s get organized together!

Are you in? 🙂


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