26 More Declutter Questions

Struggling to decide if you should declutter an item?

Maybe you don’t love it but you feel bad about letting it go.

Maybe you haven’t used it yet and you plan to get around to it.

It’s tough, no?

 Declutter Questions

Sometimes the typical “do I need this?” or “do I love this” just doesn’t cut it.

So here are some more creative ways you can make your decluttering decisions.

Use these declutter questions to help you decide if you want to declutter something

  1. Would I pack it and move it to a new home?
  2. Will I even remember to look for it?
  3. Do I have another item that would serve the same purpose?
  4. If I keep it, will I have a place for it in my home?
  5. Can it be of (better) use by someone else?
  6. Will the cats try and destroy it if I move it to a better location in the house?
  7. How often will I use it?
  8. Why have I kept this?

    Having brought in most of my mom’s stuff, I’ve slowly purged many items, realizing I’ll never use it. Initially, it was I had no time or emotional room to consider everything in detail. Now it’s easier for me to decide that someone else would enjoy the items more than I will.

    questions to ask when decluttering

  9. If I did not have it, would I buy this item again?
  10. If I lost it in a fire would I be disappointed? That’s what I ask myself.
  11. If someone else saw this, would they decide it was trash?
  12. Is it still edible?
  13. Will my son need it or even want it when he moves out?
  14. Does it fit with my dream for the future?
  15. Is it mine?

    Items that are ‘household’ rather than personal may need some agreement. Items that are truly your own need no such consideration.

  16. Did I even know I had this? How delighted am I to have discovered it, and is it likely I will forget about it again?
  17. I might love it, but can I still use it?
  18. Does someone need it more than me?
  19. Will my child or grandchildren want this even if I keep it for them?
  20. Is it fun or enjoyable?
  21. I like the idea of being a roller skating diva, but am I really going to BE a roller skating diva? (Or insert DREAM HERE________)
  22. Will my mother-in-law notice it’s missing?
  23. Do I want to carry this into the next stage of my life?
  24. If it were ruined in a natural disaster, would and/or could I replace it?

What do you ask yourself when decluttering?

PS Want some more “traditional” questions to ask when decluttering?

Here are our original 10 Decluttering Questions.

decluttering questions

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9 thoughts on “26 More Declutter Questions”

  1. I enjoyed asking myself these questions now. After my lovely mother passed away, I wouldn’t even read this article. I slowly gave away her clothes. They were too big for me anyway. I pretty much hung on to everything else, even the big jar of buttons from her sewing room. I was cleaning out my cabinet for cookbooks recently. My mother had a large collection. I found again her personally made collection. It contained recipes she liked from her friends and family, even in-laws. I finally realized what a good gift for my godchild. Her mother died when she was only 17 years old. My mom “adopted” all her sister’s children and grandchildren. They had a place to go for all holidays and did all sorts of fun stuff with her. When I gave the cookbook to Annette she was beyond thrilled and thankful I thought of her. I am definitely going through more of her things to pass them on to those who might want them. Thank you for your encouragement. Suzette

  2. My parents passed away over 2 decades ago. I have so few things left from them I don’t see why I should have to part with those things regardless of whether or not my kids would want them. Also there would be a possibility that my grandchildren might want them. I think they should have the opportunity to make up their own minds once they are adults.

    • You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Many people have inherited way more than they can comfortably store or enjoy and these questions are for them.

  3. Sara, I have been trying to send an email to you to answer the one you sent me today.
    However, Not one of the email addresses work. They all will not go out to you.

    I had written a long message to you as I needed to share my thoughts with you.
    Maybe I can find a way to send a message to you that works.

  4. What about photos? I have thousands of them and I they are in a cluttered room no one is enjoying them. How do people handle this? I’m at a point if it doesn’t bring me joy to part with it but I don’t want to forget my kiss’s childhood and achievements.

  5. I love this list. I am getting better about letting go, but it’s still a slow process. This is a good checklist reminder!


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