18 kitchen cleaning hacks to make your life a little easier

Do you ever feel like your kitchen is a restaurant open 24/7?

My hungry family makes me feel this way, especially around the holidays. That’s why a busy mom has to work smart. Save some time in the kitchen with these 18 kitchen cleaning hacks.

Looking for tips to save you time in the kitchen? This list of 18 easy cleaning hacks can save you hours every month!

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18 kitchen cleaning hacks to make your life a little easier

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks for the Fridge

1. Line your fridge shelves with placemats for easy clean-up and a spot of color. (Try these fridge mats from Amazon.)

2. Use bins in the fridge to keep things organized. This makes a huge difference!

3. No time to clean the fridge? Just do a quick wash of the dirtiest shelf and a quick wipe down of any drips.

4. Add a drop of lemon essential oil to an open box of baking soda to freshen and absorb odors in the fridge.

5. Line your fridge’s produce drawers with a couple of sheets of newspaper. They will absorb odors and you can easily swap them out when they get damp or dirty.

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks for the Dishes

keep leftovers in glass containers - kitchen cleaning hack
Glass containers are easier to keep clean, and they last!

6. Glass food storage containers don’t leach potentially harmful chemicals like plastic ones do. They’re also more easily cleaned than plastic and last forever.

7. Label leftovers right on the dish with an erasable glass marker. Consider adding a date so you know how old something is.

8. Keep a heavy-duty scrubber by your kitchen sink for easy cleaning of pots and pans.

9. Put dishwasher detergent into an open jar and add a spoon. You’ll be able to add a spoonful of detergent to your dishwasher more quickly and neatly than pouring from a heavy box. (Pods are also great.)

10. Half-pint-sized mason jars make perfect cups for preschoolers. They tip over less easily than plastic ones and are virtually indestructible. Add a drink top lid (like these on Amazon) to make the cup spill-proof.

11. Let your dishwasher do the heavy cleaning. Many dishwashers these days can save you time on pre-rinsing, soaking, and scrubbing.

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks for Kitchen Appliances

12. Clean your dishwasher every couple of months to keep it smelling fresh and working well.

13. Use a coffee filter to cover items in the microwave that may splatter. It will save you from having to wipe out the microwave.

14. Line the bottom of your oven with aluminum foil for quick clean-up of spills.

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks for the Kitchen Counters

kitchen cleaning hacks tray dish
Use a cute tray to keep your soaps contained and your counters dry.

15. Use a pretty tray to corral dish soap, scrubber, and hand soap. The counter stays dry and the sink looks a little neater.

16. Use kitchen washcloths instead of sponges. When one gets dirty, you can toss it into your laundry and grab a fresh one. Sponges tend to collect bacteria and odors.

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Kitchen Cleaning Hacks for the Kitchen as a Whole

17. Make sure to use this simple tip to keep your whole house cleaner, not just the kitchen.

18. Separate your kitchen into zones for easy organization and food prep.

What is your favorite kitchen cleaning hack?


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3 thoughts on “18 kitchen cleaning hacks to make your life a little easier”

  1. Sarah, I wish I could give you a hug! #16 FINISH is the 1st best thing I learned this year. For weeks I had FINISH written on a piece of paper, propped in my kitchen as a reminder. I read that earlier this year and not only did that change the way our home looks inside and out, but it got me to thinking. What other lessons can I learn? As we approach the end of 2015, I’ve been asking myself what did I learn this year? And Finish was the first best thing, followed by BEGIN AGAIN (from the movie) and FOCUS from the book, The Joshua Code.

    I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions; I choose a “theme” and my theme for 2016 is going to be Finish, Begin again and Focus.

  2. These are great tips! Water is my best friend for keeping the kitchen clean. If there’s anything stuck on the counters or I need to clean an appliance, I wet it down thoroughly and then leave it for 5-10 minutes. When I return to it, the surface cleans up with an easy swipe of the sponge, 9 times out of 10! Why spend 10 minutes scrubbing when I can let a good soak do its magic?

    I also keep bottles of oil or honey on a tray in the pantry. It’s easy to clean the tray every now and then, rather than deal with gunky drips and buildup on the pantry shelves.


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