The 12 Days of Decluttering (free decluttering challenge)

Brand new free decluttering challenge for YOU – the 12 Days of Decluttering!

Catch me live daily at 10am Eastern on the Decluttering Club Facebook page.

Details of the challenge

Join me daily December 1-12, 2021 for a quick and easy challenge to help your house get ready for the holidays!

We all know that come December 31, if you’re not careful, your house will look, ahem, the worse for wear. Don’t let things get out of control! A little decluttering and maintenance each day will make a BIG difference come New Year.

Come back to this page to find each day’s challenge.

I’ll be adding the challenges to the top of this page as they come out. So if you can’t catch the live video, just catch up with the replay later.

Keep track along with everyone else with this cute printable chart.

Click this graphic to open in a new window, then save and print!


Challenge Replays

Day 12


Day 11

Please watch Day 11 directly on Facebook.

Day 10

Day 9

Day 8

Day 7

Day 6

Day 5


Day 4

Day 3


Day 2

Day 1

Share your progress!

Share a photo of what you decluttered each day in one of our groups.

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31 thoughts on “The 12 Days of Decluttering (free decluttering challenge)”

  1. Hi Sarah

    This sounds I interesting. I clicked the link and have also gone back to reread the description as well as looked in your shop and have not found the cost for this workshop. Is there a separate link that I missed?



  2. I did try to print out the 12 Days of Decluttering, but it didn’t print out right for some reason…? Did anyone else have a problem with printing it?

  3. I love these types of challenges. Thank you so much for sharing! And I love checklists. But I definitely won’t be printing this one because that is a LOT of ink to use for something I will not be keeping! If I decide to use a checklist, I’ll probably just make my own. I’d love to see an ink-friendly option for your next challenge, though!

  4. ☑️Yay! Day 1 challenge completed (a day late, but no problem).
    I’ve put a bag of mismatched Duplo Lego and a jewelry organizer in the car, ready to go to the thrift shop tomorrow morning. ✔️
    Thank you!

      • Help! I’m still in the book – room. As I was looking through I thought it could be better organized so I started making piles. Then as the piles started to topple, I thought maybe I should put some in boxes. Finding the right sized box led me to the storage room where the perfect box held winter boots – so I emptied the box (where should I put the boots?) and carried it into the book room where I spotted a book that I really wanted to read: that was break time. Now as I attempt to break out of the room, I’m looking at all the unread books and adding up the cost in my head. If I piled all the unread books on one side of the room, and all the job related books on the other side (I’m retired). . .the boat wouldn’t tip, it would be submerged! And I just know that the minute I take this book to the thrift store, I’ll have cause to reference it in the next month! How did I get so attached to words? Just listened to today’s session – setting a timer. Two books – two minutes – and then out of here! Thanks.

  5. I’m a librarian & it was hard to hear you say you had a book you didn’t want anyone to read. I understand not keeping books in your personal library that you don’t want to read again & recycling them but to say you will trash a book just broke my heart. You may not like it but it might be ok for someone else. I believe in the importance of libraries 🙂 and the philosophy of ‘to each his own’. Thank you for helping us declutter but there has got to be someone who will like to read something you disagree with 🙂

    • I’m also a librarian and I’d like to support Sarah’s choice to throw away the book she found offensive, for several reasons:
      1) It’s her book, and she can do what she wants with it. Books are not sacred AS OBJECTS – they’re just paper – and they’re recycled and pulped by publishers all the time. In fact, libraries deselect (remove from the collection) books all the time, usually because they’re out of date or no one is checking them out. Sometimes they’re sold to raise funds, but often they’re just thrown in a dumpster or recycling bin.
      2) It’s certainly not the only copy in existence, and if someone really wants to read it, they can find another copy, perhaps in a library.
      3) Even though the rule of thumb in libraries is to have books in the collection that we personally disagree with, we still make choices every day about which books we buy, or don’t buy. Not all books are good ones, and even if we want to reflect multiple viewpoints on issues, we try to purchase books that provide good information and make people think critically about the topic. Sometimes a book can be offensive in order to make people think, and sometimes it’s just a lousy book. I might buy the former, and defend it against those who would ban it, but I probably wouldn’t buy the latter. That might be considered proscription on my part, but it’s also the reality of a limited budget and SO many better books I’d rather spend the money on.
      4) I’ve also thrown out/recycled books in my personal collection that I didn’t want anyone else to make the mistake of reading. The most recent example was a historical novel so badly written it was painful, and full of factual errors. Maybe someone else would have liked it, but I’d feel I was taking advantage of their ignorance, in a way. The fact that something got published doesn’t necessarily make it worth reading.

      And no, I don’t know what the book in question is, but I’ll stand up for Sarah’s right to throw away her copy just as much as I’ll stand up for someone else’s right to read it if they want to.

  6. I’m a day behind – decluttering articles of clothing -but I’m single in a 3 bedroom house – so do I declutter 4 articles from each of the closets in the 3 bedrooms – 3 chests of drawers – and/or 2 hall coat closets. Heck! I could declutter 4 items from the 2 hampers or the 2 baskets with clean clothes. Where did I get all this stuff – AND – I haven’t even looked at the suitcases that hide seasonal clothes. . .When my friend died, I inherited her blue jeans (so now I have 21 blue jeans some of which I have never worn; I may never get as far into the closet as my dress pants!) thanks for helping me look, consider, and acknowledge my abundance! . . and sort through it!

    • Wow! Sounds like you’ll come back to this task for many rounds of Decluttering. Don’t worry about getting a certain number or the whole closet decluttered by a certain date. Pace ur self. It’s a lifetime project as long as we wear clothes. You already know the areas to focus on, one by one over time.

  7. It seems that the video for Day 6 is NOT available. When I clicked on it I get the message:
    Video Unavailable
    Sorry, this video could not be played.
    Learn More


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