10 unusual ways to get motivated when you’re stuck

How to get motivated has been a recurring theme in our community.

If you’re struggling with motivation to work on your to-do list (as we ALL do at times), try these simple ideas to get unstuck.

10 Unusual Ways to Get Motivated When Stuck

  1. Get up and get moving. It doesn’t matter what you do. Wash the dishes. Sort the junk mail. Fold the throw blankets. Do something productive.
  2. Spend 5 minutes looking at your before and after photos.
  3. Straighten a stack or a pile before you try to declutter or organize it.
  4. Plan a reward for when you’re done. Rewards are an excellent source of motivation.
  5. Put a task that you want to accomplish on your calendar (and then honor your commitment when the time comes).
  6. Attend a Decluttering Miracle Call (if you’re an Organize My Home member).
  7. Pick one little hotspot to tidy up and organize. Take before and after photos for motivation.
  8. Imagine yourself doing the thing you need to do. Walk yourself through the steps you’ll take. Make it realistic. Imagine what you’ll see, what you’ll touch, etc. Then get up and follow your vision.
  9. Tell your organizing buddy what you’re going to do. Ask her to follow up with you later in the day (this will light a fire!).
  10. Spend 5 minutes outside just breathing in fresh air. Then come back inside and tackle the easiest task you see. It’s a great way to get some momentum after a break to go further.


10 ways to get motivated when stuck

More tips to help you get going and stay focused:

Want even more help?

Join the Organize Like a Boss (OLAB) challenge and get motivation to get your decluttering and organizing underway!


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5 thoughts on “10 unusual ways to get motivated when you’re stuck”

  1. I am cleaning out and restocking first aid kit, checked smoked detectors and fire extinguishers.

    Washed and folded all throws (6).

    • That’s huge. Our sofa is in front of a 10’ x 6’ window. We get chilly after the sun goes down. But when they are not being used, the Bronco blankets make the place look even smaller than it is, and messy.

  2. Sarah

    Thank you so much for your words of wisdom the very brief video and the inspiration to hopefully start clean. There are times in my life where I have struggled with mental health issues as well as autoimmune complexities, when these two Are flared up at the same time this definitely can be a motivation challenge. I love all the ideas I think the number one that stuck out for me was to get up and go from there so I just stood up and I am writing this message. The other thing I will try is to find a cleaning buddy that I would be accountable to in your Facebook page, so I will look into changing that.

    Thanks again for the motivation 🙂

  3. Loved these simple ideas. Thanks. Did pretty good yesterday, but having trouble restarting the engine today! I have a bum foot at moment, but will try a little walkabout.


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