The ultimate list of 10-minute deep cleaning tasks

Deep cleaning doesn’t have to take all weekend or even all day!

If deep cleaning tasks often get pushed to the side in your home because you don’t have the time, then this is the post for you.

You can actually deep clean your home in as little as 10 minutes at a time. It’s about breaking down those tasks into more manageable, bite-sized chunks.

10 minute deep cleaning tasks that will have you deep cleaning without spending the entire weekend

Can you really deep clean your home in 10-minutes?

Yes! Well, you can start!

Each of the tasks will take you around 10 minutes to complete. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to do all your deep cleaning in one go.

Spring cleaning is great, but not all of us want to set aside an entire weekend dedicated solely for cleaning.

Instead, you can start incorporating some simpler 10-minute tasks into your weekly routine. That way you’re actually deep-cleaning your home all the time and you will barely even notice the extra time it takes to make it happen.


Start with this list of 10-minute deep cleaning tasks:

You may have to split some of these up to be a per-room task. It all depends on the size and state of your home.

If you can add 1-2 of these to your cleaning routine every week, you’ll have a home that is deeply cleaned on a regular basis.

Whole House:

  • Wipe down baseboards
  • Dust the blinds
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Wipe down all light switches and door handles
  • Throw kitchen/living room/bedroom curtains in the wash
  • Wash throw blankets, dust ruffles and other fabrics that don’t get washed frequently
  • Vacuum all fabric furniture, making sure to get in the cracks
  • Clean window sills and sliding tracks
  • Clean out light fixtures
  • Wipe down walls room by room, especially those with marks or spots from being touched regularly
  • Wipe down all mirrors in home
  • Wipe down/dust all artwork and framed photos
  • Clean all sink caddies (toothbrush holders, soap dishes, dish racks, etc.)


  • Clean out and wipe down a shelf in kitchen cabinets or pantry
  • Clean the exhaust above the stove
  • Clean the inside oven door (or put on oven cleaning cycle)
  • Clean out and wipe down a shelf (or shelves) in fridge
  • Clean the inside of your microwave
  • Wipe down kitchen appliances and empty the crumbs from the toaster!
  • Put your dishwasher on a cleaning cycle (and clean filter)
  • Wipe down all kitchen cabinet doors and handles
  • Clean underneath and behind the fridge
  • Clean kitchen garbage bin


  • Clean your showerhead(s)
  • Wash shower curtain or shower door
  • Treat and deep clean grout


  • Move bed and clean behind and underneath
  • Vacuum and freshen up mattress (rotate/flip mattress as well)
  • Vacuum out dresser and nightstand drawers

Living Room:

  • Vacuum under the couch and living room furniture (unless you have a Roomba doing the task already)
  • Dust and tidy bookshelves

Laundry Room:

  • Put your washing machine on a cleaning cycle (empty drain/filter)
  • Wipe down all laundry room surfaces and appliances
  • Move and clean behind and underneath washer and dryer

Which of these 10-minute deep cleaning tasks are you going to do first?


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60 thoughts on “The ultimate list of 10-minute deep cleaning tasks”

    • I need to have my husband help move the stove and refrigerator out from the wall, clean under (and my sister in law gave me a big brush to clean the coils i the refrigerator~ I’ve never done it~ so really excited to see what is there. Thanks Sarah for the
      New way of framing cleaning. !!!!! ❤️‼️ And for the little push.

    • I’m going to start in the kitchen since I have already started decluttering shelves in there. Please don’t delete me from your emails! I’m a procrastinator and am trying to prioritize my decluttering over other projects!

  1. I have some white doors that have fingerprints on them. That is my first task to complete. There are two doors that I’ve noticed but haven’t tackled. I’ll do those and then check the others. I’m pretty sure it won’t take very long.

  2. Cleaning routine? I don’t have one. I definitely have those places that need to be done asap, like my refrigerator. I am hoping to become a member this summer and am thinking about purchasing the class on handling paperwork. I thought I had a good system but boxes of paper tell me I don’t. Thanks for not forgetting those of us who aren’t able to join now but still want to learn.

  3. I always read and appreciate your newsletters and suggestions. I especially like the theory that 10 minutes is better than nothing and find that once I start, I usually do more than 10 minutes.

    I have a problem with “commitment’ which is why I have not joined the membership. It is reasonable, I can afford it, yet hesitate because I”m afraid I will not follow through.

    Hopefully I will get over that and eventually will join..In. the meantime, tomorrow I WILL do my baseboards and blinds!!


  4. Please keep me on your list. You provide the encouragement that I desperately need. This week, I am tackling the top of my filing cabinet.

  5. Please keep me on your mailing list Sarah. I may not participate on calls and in groups but do love being in them and getting your emails.

  6. I’m going to start with deep cleaning my kitchen / dining, then move into the living room. Heath situation means at times it is 10- 15- 20 min bursts but this time I’m going to work through it.

  7. I love this list! I will be copying and pasting it so I can print it off and begin to do it. I will begin with the laundry room. Thank you for keeping me on the list!

  8. Just getting started on ALL declutterng… making notes for future. Have alot of conflicts, health, family obligations (94 yr old mother in law for 6 mo). Not even sure what I’ve bought… Going to stay involved.

  9. Hurray! I love the idea of a newsletter. I will begin by tackling the spare room closet which is huge and it’s stuffed with unfinished craft projects, linens, gift wrapping supplies, guest room supplies and so much more! Ugh. It’s a daunting task but I will do it! (I just stamped my foot. Did you hear that?)

  10. I read all your posts and love all the ideas. Now I have to use them. Early November my husband fell, hit his head which resulted in a brain bleed. After almost a month in the hospital, Covid and a craniotomy the home care people are recommending assisted living so we need to downsize, clean, and declutter in a hurry. I’m exhausted but these ten minute cleans sound doable! I’m going to do two a day and pack one box.

    • I am so sorry for your husband’s accident.
      I recently downsized and it takes deliberate decisions to minimize the unnecessary or no longer useful possessions.
      Hope all goes well!

  11. I will start with deep cleaning my pantry, under my sink and fridge. I love to cook and keep all surfaces and appliances clean for preparing meals. I get busy and sometimes shove things on pantry shelves without organizing.
    I also like having your list to refer to for future ideas. Thanks

  12. I cleaned my quilting area – changed all the dull blades in my rotary cutters to new sharp (very, very sharp) blades because dull blades are more dangerous than sharp new blades, moved everything to clean all the bits and treads from cutting than go behind the cutting table and into the rugs, spent a loving half an hour cleaning and oiling my sewing machines. Used masking tape wrapped around my hand to pick up all the little snippets of thread. There was much dust!

  13. Please keep me on your blog.
    I did begin doing some of the deep cleaning last weekend by dusting hardwood floors under the bed and cleaning laundry room appliances. Love your list only wish I can pin it.

  14. To do list in action…
    First this week 10 min per room two times a day…
    Dusting ceiling to floor including blinds and window sills….each room 1st floor till done.

    Today straighten up first floor to prepare for the deep clean for tomorrow and office paperwork straighten and paying bills.
    Already have been decluttering some closets, drawers, and finding a home for lost items..like with like.
    Thanks for the extra push I need. Of course keep me on the email list! Thanks to Sarah and your team 👍

  15. I want to stay on your email list. I really enjoy receiving them, and I file all of them in a file in my email called Decluttering School with Sarah so I can refer back to them. Thank you!

  16. Your lists, instructions and encouragement are invaluable to me. Health issues have required me to use oxygen and a walker and have really slowed me down but now things seem more doable. Thanks for the inspiration your messages bring to me. Please keep me on your list.

  17. I am very happy to have you and all of your ideas.
    I was scammed and did not have my computer for almost 2 weeks. I hope that I did not miss anything.
    Your idea of thaking thing in small time frame is working for me.
    My first tackle is the kitchen drawers etc.
    Thank you,

  18. I like the suggestions of places to deep clean. Many of these I don’t think about doing. This list will change that. Thanks.

  19. Please keep me on your list.
    I don’t reply or leave comments often but I need to stay connected to continue cleaning up my life.

  20. A little bit everyday makes an overwhelming task -such as deep cleaning a big house manageable. I try to do 1 room everyday for weekly cleaning , but dread deep cleaning.
    So your ideas are wonderful!
    An overwhelming task for me at the moment, my husband recently passed away and I have the daunting task of organizing the estate and sorting through a lifetime worth of “stuff” some of value , but most is yard sale or goodwill stuff. I don’t know where to start . Ideas?

  21. I am an excellent procrastinator, but I do manage to read your emails. I love the 10 minute idea, and use it occasionally, when I manage to do something. Please keep me on your email list.

  22. Please keep me on your email list! We are making good progress in decluttering – one small area at a time. This is saying a lot because my husband and I both tend to collect stuff we like! I need the inspiration and encouragement to keep going!!
    Thank you for your incredible ideas and great sense of humor!

  23. Thank you for these suggestions for 10-minute intervals of cleaning. I often cannot manage more than that, which makes this very valuable for me. And the schedule is a great idea. I’m going to make one now—in the hope it will be even more help. I have finally gotten my sewing room organized and it is wonderful to work there now.

    Thank you for all your helpful suggestions. Please keep me on your email list.


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