Are you drowning in clutter?

I've created a step-by-step program that will give you a plan AND the accountability you need to avoid decluttering burnout ... even if you don’t have any spare time and you’re completely overwhelmed.

The turning point for me was the realization that I didn't need 49 sippy cups.

I took my 2-year-old to visit my step-sister. And my sister and her husband were minimalists (what you'd think of as super organized and decluttered). 

They had decluttered down to the essentials. They didn't have a tower of sippy cups or mountains of clothing or closets packed with toys like I did.

But the crazy thing was that their house wasn’t empty and sterile; it was homey and cozy and had exactly what we needed.

I started to question:  

Was it possible to have kids and a busy life WITHOUT all the mess?

Maybe the answer wasn’t organizing and cleaning schedules and chore charts...

...maybe the answer was to declutter.

That trip lit a fire underneath me and I became decluttering obsessed.

Starting out, I hit some speedbumps along the way.

  • My family thought I was nuts for giving away our things. 

  • My friends started making snide comments about all the donations I was making. 

  • My partner was totally opposed to me taking his stuff to the thrift store. In my enthusiasm, I gave away things that weren't mine, causing huge arguments and hurt feelings.

And not only that!

I agonized over letting something go that I paid good money for.

You don't have to go it alone like I did. 

Having support and a proven plan makes all the difference.

Judy King

Last January I thought, ‘this is the year to do it.’

But I’d have quit in a month had I not found you. 

“I don’t want to live this way any more.”

These were the words from my husband before I had that light bulb decluttering moment. I remember sitting on the floor reading to one of my kids, surrounded by an avalanche of toys.

The kitchen counters had piles of papers, more toys, and groceries that wouldn’t fit into an over-flowing pantry. 

I was completely overwhelmed with the quantity of stuff in our home but I vowed to declutter...

I had a big problem with stuff. I'll bet you do too.

The good news is that we can fix this.

Do you know anyone whose house is always tidy?

They seem to be able to have friends over any time day or night. It seems effortless for them. However, when you've got a ton of stuff, it's a constant battle to get the kids to put things away and to keep up with the laundry and all the projects. 

Some people think better storage is the answer, like my bookshelf below. 

It looks great, right? Problem was, it hardly ever looked like this. I didn't have the time or energy to keep it that way.

Organized Bookshelves


They think, "If I just had another closet... or buy some more bins or totes."

But really that's just more clutter.

Because have you ever tried to keep up with all those bins and baskets?

And when you buy more bookshelves or bins or totes, what do you do? 

You fill them up of course! And you're right back where you started. 

Organized clutter is still clutter. Clutter that's put away is still clutter.

Sooner or later, you'll admit that it's a losing battle when your kid dumps everything out on the floor. Or it's impossible find that particular shirt or the extra toothpaste you bought last week because you forget where you stashed it.

Some people think the answer lies in finding the perfect cleaning routine...

... or the perfect chore chart

... or the perfectly trained family

... or the right matching containers

My friend: none of that will help if you've got too much stuff. 

You need to fix the quantity problem FIRST and then you can address storage, organization and routines.

To make things worse, all the stuff in the world won't make you happy

You can buy brand new bins and bookshelves but the euphoria wears off very quickly. 

Then you'll want to go shopping again. 

It's all such a letdown. 

You feel so horrible because of all the wasted money. I've been there! My basement used to be a dumping ground for all the stuff we never used. Does this look familiar?

And what's even worse is when you've kept all that stuff for so long, you either can't find it when you DO need it or it's deteriorated and no longer usable. 

If you're like me, the thought of all the money spent on stuff you don't use makes you want to throw up.

Back when I started decluttering in 2008, I felt like I was all alone.

I didn't have a community of people supporting me who understood the struggles I was going through. I didn't have anyone to turn to when I got stuck. 

It took a lot of trial and error but eventually I found my groove. 

There is an easier way to declutter. You don't have to do this alone. You can learn to declutter even with a family who's not on board. 

You can learn how to work WITH your family instead of freaking out and making threats about getting rid of all their stuff. 

You can learn to find the 80/20 (which 20% of the stuff should we get rid of to enjoy 80% of the benefit?) 

And most importantly, you can learn how to stay motivated in the middle of a great big mess. Because as you know, you always have to make a mess before you start to see progress with clutter.

Here is the process that will teach you take control of the mess and get back your life.

Want to know more about the Declutter Your Home course?
Here's what we're going to do.

Declutter a space from BEGINNING to END

We'll work through the process together. I'll hold your hand every step of the way. From creating a simple plan that you can stick to... to making decisions ... to getting the stuff out of your house. I'll help you through each step. 

You'll know what to focus on and what to do next so you can stay in the game and not get overwhelmed. It's not hard when you've got a plan to follow and help available from me when you need it. 

The Decluttering Cycle

Discover the easiest way to properly start decluttering. When you know this, you'll be able to keep up the momentum without burning out or even worse getting stressed and going out and buying even more stuff and ending up with a bigger mess than when you started (it happens more often than you’d imagine).

How-to Video Demonstrations

Do you learn best by watching someone else? Watch me in action to learn how to effectively talk yourself the decluttering process and how to keep things simple. Simpler is always better!

You’ll get video demonstrations on decluttering your closet, your makeup, and decluttering with kids.

Decision-making for Sentimental Items

The “Piano Test” that immediately identifies items in your home that you should declutter, even if you’re having a hard time letting go. Also, you’ll get suggestions on how to know when it’s time to tackle those sentimental items that you may be hanging on to due to grief or guilt.

Untapped Sources of Motivation

The two sources of motivation that can (and should) be baked into your decluttering plans (don't worry, I’ll tell you exactly how to do this so you can effortlessly access it whenever you want).

Group Planning Sessions

During the course you'll get 2 full weeks for planning and implementation. I’ll walk you through making your decluttering plans in a way that’s realistic and manageable and helps you anticipate obstacles.

Long-distance runners run most of their races in a pack. In the same way, you'll get unexpected strength and motivation by decluttering together with the rest of the group.

ACDC (Alternating Clean Declutter Clean)

Our ACDC calls are the secret sauce behind my students’ success. You won’t believe how much you can get done in just a half an hour when you’re working together with a group!

This is the perfect way to work on creating a home you can be proud of.

We have up to 3 ACDC calls every week and you get access to the calls for 1 year when you enroll in the course.

The Options Grid

The no-brainer Options Grid to use when you’re unsure what you should do with an item that you don’t want to keep.

No more agonizing over whether to sell, to repair, or to give things away; just use my chart and you’ll know exactly what to do with each and every item. No more second-guessing!

How to Find a Home for Everything

You’ve heard this is the key to being organized, right? But how do you do it? You won’t believe how easy it is when you learn the PACCS system.

Timeless Organizing Principles

How to combine a “Short List” of universal organizing principles to create a wonderfully tidy space every time, even if you not one of those people who naturally understand how to organize an area. 

These ideas can really take your home from ho-hum to beautifully “put together,” especially once you’ve done some decluttering.

My decluttering system has helped thousands of people.


Now that Robin’s children are grown, she’s decluttering the things she’s inherited and things her kids left behind.


“Every time I get rid of something I feel like I come a little bit closer to the surface. Stuff weighs you down so much and I feel a little bit lighter, a little bit happier when I walk into my house. I’m not so overwhelmed by everything that needs to be tended to.”


“It breaks my heart when people are struggling so much with decisions, knowing that they would feel better if they decluttered. It reminds me to let go. ”

Arla Lewis

Arla Lewis’ house always had a “junk room.” “My computer room was always horrible. And then over the years, the living room joined in the horribleness.”

“I've tried different programs that worked for a while, and then I fell off the wagon. But with you, it was like somebody holding my hand saying ‘you can do it. I'm right here…’

That was fabulous.”

“Now I know I can do it. It feels fantastic. It's the first step and there's a lot of steps left, but I feel a lot better so I thank you Sarah.”


As a military family, Tanya and her husband spent years knowing they might have to move at any time. Between repeated moves and starting a family, the boxes started stacking up.

The clutter made Tanya feel anxious. “Home should be your safe place. It should be the place where you can de-stress.”

Before - sorting clothes

After - so much gone!

Now that they’ve decluttered life is different. “I look back think, ‘how were we functioning?’ Not very well apparently.”

“I don't stress out now if someone says, ‘Hey, I'm dropping by the house’…now it's just like normal kids toys out, not, ‘oh I haven't unpacked 24 boxes and they're still sitting in my living room.’”

Kathie Spencer

Kathie Spencer’s heart has more than enough room for foster dogs, but as her house filled up with dog things—leashes, collars, harnesses, toys, sweaters—she was overwhelmed. “I’ve got five dogs here now, so stuff is scattered everywhere.. I couldn’t seem to focus on one thing. With your help, now I can.”



Kathie has found the motivation to make some major changes in her home. She says that the lessons and challenges create a sense of accountability.

“Sarah makes this process doable. She makes it reasonable. Now I look at a decluttering project and say ‘I can do this’ because I've done it before.”

Still need to be convinced? More decluttering success stories here!

You haven’t been able to declutter yet because:

There are lots of books, courses and checklists that will tell you how to declutter. But those things are missing 2 key ingredients.

Without these 2 things, most people crash and burn very quickly. It’s discouraging to get your hopes up that this time you’ll be able to declutter and then find yourself feeling worse than ever.


The Declutter Your Home process is different. It gives you these 2 things that you won't find anywhere else. 

1. A Manageable Plan

Declutter your home in a weekend!

Declutter your closet in a day!

Ever heard that before? It may be all well and good for someone with a couple extra sweaters, but for most people, that kind of promise is more of a pipe dream than anything else.

In the DYH course, you’ll create your very own, customized decluttering plan that will work for your life and your family AND that allows for flexibility if “life happens” and you get side-tracked. With a plan like this, those kind of interruptions are no big deal because we’ve planned for them. 

2. Accountability

Let’s face it; your mother, your best friend, and your neighbors aren’t exactly thrilled when you clean out your pantry.

If you’re lucky, you may have a decluttering buddy who “gets” what you’re doing. But you need more than just a buddy; you need someone who’s going to have faith in you when you don’t have faith in yourself.

You need someone who DOES understand what a big deal it is to clear off that kitchen table and keep it that way.

You need someone who knows when to encourage you to keep going and when you need to take a break.

That's MY job! And that’s what you’ll get when you join the DYH course.

Because sometimes you have to know that someone else believes in you before you can believe in yourself. 

What's in the course?

Accountability and support via live coaching calls with Sarah Mueller (1 year of accountability and calls)

Private student Facebook group (365 day access)

Printable Course workbook

9 Decluttering Action Plans

Step-by-step instructions to tackle 7 different areas of your home. Just take the 1 page plan for the area you're working on and follow the instructions. 

You'll get Action Plans for the following categories

  • Books
  • Linens
  • Paper mail
  • Toiletries
  • Closet and clothing
  • Kitchen
  • Pantry
  • Master bedroom
  • Toys
  • ... with plans for more categories

Weekly reminder emails 

Stay on track (or catch up if you need to skip a week) with your reminder emails. 

Recently my students started asking for help on ways to keep their homes neat AFTER the whole decluttering business is complete.

So I created a bonus training called 5 Little Habits that will change your life in a big way.


This training is easy to consume and you’ll get worksheets to help you decide which habit to add first. I promise you, you’re not doing ALL of these habits right now, yet if you add just 1 or 2 of them, you’ll see a massive difference in your level of happiness as well as the state of your home. And you won’t even feel like you’re doing any more work!

This bonus training is valued at $39 but you’ll get it for free when you enroll in Declutter Your Home. 

Feel like you need an extra lifeline? 

Upgrade to the VIP Edition of Declutter Your Home and you'll get my Emotional Support Pack as well as your own private tutoring calls with me

Arla Lewis

I've tried different programs that worked for a while, and then I fell off the wagon. But with you, it was like somebody holding my hand saying ‘you can do it. I'm right here…

The Emotional Support Pack includes bonus lessons on:

  • Procrastination
  • Clutter and Anxiety
  • Motivation.

You'll also get 2 private 30 minute tutoring video calls with me (a $500 value) where we can tackle a room or I can help you tackle any obstacles you're facing as well as fine tune your decluttering plans. 

classic edition

The tools and resources you need to

Declutter Your Home

3 Payments of $149

(or pay $397 in full and save 15%)

  • 1 Year Personal Support from Sarah Mueller
  • 28 Video Lessons
  • Up to 3 group calls per week
  • Access to our private Facebook Group
  • Printable Course Planner
  • 7 Decluttering Action Plans
  • BONUS: 5 Little Habits
  • 1 year access to support and group calls

Dee Curry

When Dee's husband gave her an ultimatum, it came as a shock. “He said, honey, you better start decluttering or else.”

Now, Dee is rethinking her relationships with her things.

“I'm looking at my clothes and saying, ‘do I actually like them when they're on?’” And the best part is her husband has has joined her in decluttering!

What does the course look like inside? How computer savvy do I need to be?
Watch the video below for a 4 minute tour.

My "Find Your Kitchen Table Guarantee"

I built this course to help you declutter and organize your home in a way that's as stress-free and convenient as possible. Yet in the unlikely event you follow the course and still can't find your kitchen table underneath all the stuff after 30 days, I insist that you contact me for a full, 100% refund. No questions asked!

- Sarah Mueller

Is 2019 the year you go from overwhelmed hot mess

to feeling at peace and in control of your home? 

Join me now for the Declutter Your Home course

and let’s do this together!

At this time, enrollment in Declutter Your Home is only available through this special page.

Meet the Decluttering Expert

I’m Sarah Mueller, author of Step-by-Step Decluttering and founder of the wildly popular Facebook group of 50,000 people called Declutter My Home. 

I’ve taught tens of thousands of women to find the freedom, relief and confidence that comes from decluttering their homes.

Back in 2014 when I wrote my first book, Step-by-Step Decluttering, I had no idea that so many people had such heart-breaking struggles with clutter. Over the past 4 years, that ebook has blossomed into an entire business that has transformed the lives of thousands of people.

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