“Imagine me – the former hot mess mom  – discovering the step-by-step system which eliminates your piles of paperwork forever… in just 15 minutes a day.”

So you never lose another important receipt, paper, or bill ever again…  even if you’re naturally prone to clutter

From the Desk of Sarah Mueller

So you never lose another important receipt, paper, or bill ever again…  even if you’re naturally prone to clutter

Hey there fellow “Paper Piler”,

In 15 minutes, you’re going to make a decision which may very well change your life forever – just like it did mine.

Before we get to that decision, I want you to imagine this –

Imagine it’s Friday and you’re thinking about making dinner after a long day of getting it all done. (Go you!)

In your hands are the bills you pulled out of the mailbox on the way into your home. Undaunted, you take a quick glance at each piece and know instantly  where  each should go.

One piece – that page of coupons from a dentist you’ve never heard of – goes in the trash.

Another two, bills, go in a designated folder on the wall. A third, something you need to look at later, goes in another folder.

You move on to the next to do’s as if you’ve done it your whole life. You’re on autopilot - no real decisions required.

Imagine that later that evening, your spouse comes in and asks you about that one paper. You know, the one needed by next week?

You smile and nod. You know exactly which paper and exactly where it is.

And unlike before, where there were piles upon piles in your home office… on the floor… stuffed into drawers… and spilling out of folders marked “Miscellaneous” … you have one place you go. You find the specific folder and, as if by magic, pull out the exact paper requested.

No stains, tears, or crayon doodles…. Just what you are looking for, when you are looking for it, in the state you need it in.

Imagine even later, a year from now, when you have to prepare your taxes. Where before you had to become an Indiana Jones-style explorer to find all the receipts you hope are still in your house somewhere…

Or desperately go through stack after stack multiple times to find that W2 or 1099 or whatever other tax form you desperately need to get taxes done on time…

... only to repeat the process a year later…

This time, it’s different. You pull out a neat file or two of items. Everything is there: your important tax forms, your receipts, and your statements are in one place. And what isn’t there is in electronic formats you can easily find. Your taxes are completed almost without stress and without worry in a mere afternoon. On time and with nothing forgotten.

And imagine a decade from now, when you become a grandparent. Imagine the emotional rush you’ll feel when you hand your child – now a parent – a box of their best artwork, pictures, and keepsakes. Nothing is ruined or lost. It’s all there, waiting for them to reminisce and pass down to their own children.

Amazing, right?

I used to believe that this version of myself and my home was impossible. Unattainable. Unrealistic.

I had four boys, after all, not to mention a home business and all the other responsibilities and to-do’s every modern working mom faces today.

I believed having a clutter free home … free of the piles of paperwork hidden in boxes and stuffed into drawers … was just not in the cards for me. My business alone generated mountains of paperwork!

I was convinced that “Disaster Zone” was the unchangeable mantra of my home.  

And this included the papers that piled up…

  • On the kitchen counters, waiting to have coffee spilled on that tax document or sticky fingers touching that “must keep” receipt.
  • On the kitchen table, taking up valuable family space
  • In corners of my office, with the vague thought that they’ll “get sorted later”, all while that important bill gets lost somewhere in the middle
  • In drawers in your desks, away from sight and out of mind, getting scrunched and squished by all the other things your family stuffs into the drawer
  • In your car’s glovebox, stuffed in between the car registration and the handfuls of restaurant napkins for “just in case”
  • At the bottom of your bag, where it gets crumpled by your book, phone, laptop, keys, and obligatory snack bags.  

And I wasn’t the only one.

When I polled my readers in 2017, over 506 told me that organizing the papers was a TOP PRIORITY. They were drowning in paper and it was making them crazy.

My readers said things like…  

“It is massive, paper everywhere because I either didn't have a system or the system I had was too cumbersome to remember.”

“We have a lot of debt, so medical and collections bills/envelopes everywhere for most of the month, then hubby breaks down and takes a WHOLE DAY to tackle/sort/file it. Love my hubby :) We USUALLY toss junk mail right away. Oh, then there is my obsession with printing off/bringing home recipes I just HAVE to try. Most of those stay scattered for months until, again, hubby can't take it and I have to shove them in a cupboard.”

“I have piles that keep moving...I take it from one place, sort it into smaller piles and so on. These piles grow since I don't have the time to go through it.”

“Small home office looks like a huge tornado came thru leaving nothing but paper debris in the aftermath!”

“Stacks of papers, kinda sorted, but either can't decide whether or not we need to keep them, or where/how to store/file them!”


Not to mention how much of a fire hazard all this loose paper really is.

And if any of this sounds like you, I want you to know that it is not your fault.

Schools don’t teach you how to organize the mountain of paperwork. (Although after a century of junk mail, you’d think high schools would teach Paperwork 101 to every single teenager!)

Your family doesn’t help either. When was the last time you implemented a system only to have family members continue the piling habit… throwing their hands up in the air saying they “don’t know what to put where”?

I knew there was a better way. I knew this because I had found it myself after months of trial and error in my own home.

Once I found the solution, paperwork was never a problem for me again.

What was I doing that others weren’t?

The answer, I found, is the power of the Paperwork Pyramid .

Paperwork Pyramid

The Paperwork Pyramid is the idea that you have to have three key components in order to finally conquer those paper piles for good.

First, you have to have the right Structure. Many natural-born organizers love systems. And so their ideal transformation involves hundreds of steps, systems within systems, and enough checklists to make you feel like you’re living through an FDA inquisition. That doesn't work.

What I discovered is that those who mastered their paper weren’t “born with it”. Instead, they found a structure which worked for them. It’s unreasonable to expect that your home will be Instagram-perfect every day. What is reasonable is that you can have a simple, easy-to-maintain system you’ll feel good keeping around.

Second, you have to have Realistic Habits. It’s unreasonable to expect that you’ll be able to get your whole family on to a new plan from day one. But with the right step-by-step plan, you can slowly change how everyone in your home views paperwork so that you get complete buy-in. (I’m looking at you, spouse-who-shall-not-be-named!)

And you don’t want to attempt a system that requires 27 different steps from you in order to work through your paper each week. It has to be something that’s simple and easy to do and that you can work into your regular routine.

And finally, it must be Convenient. No one has time to spend hours each day to think about organizing the family paperwork. And in order for this to work for you, the program must be simple and quick to implement... whether you’re in a tiny apartment or a rambling home.

Some people try to hire a consultant to help them. But boy, they are expensive. A quick glance online reveals just how expensive just a few hours of their help can be…


And the online resources were no better.

You’ll see advice like, “Just go one box at a time!” Meanwhile you’re over there thinking, “Do you even know how many boxes of papers I have?!”

Even worse, there are three strategies that almost never work, yet people recommend… and try… anyway:

1. “Shop” your way to organization.

A lot of people think that the key to being organized with paperwork (and lots of other things) is in the supplies.

They go out and buy folders, labels, filing boxes or cabinets, and every office supply you can think of.

And then it all sits there.

Lesson learned: Don’t go shopping until you’ve decluttered, you know exactly what you need AND you have a plan for using it.

2. Implement a complicated organizational system.

It’s easy to get excited about “going paperless” or having file folders for every conceivable category.

But complicated or inconvenient systems are likely to be abandoned quickly.

Lesson learned: If paper clutter is a problem, simplicity needs to be a key part of the solution.

3. Do it all at once.

People often get swept up in the excitement of making a big change.

They drag out all their papers (making a big mess even bigger!) and try to tackle it all at once.

But eventually energy fades and the mess is still be there.

Lesson learned: Pace yourself. It’s great to have momentum but it’s also critical to know how much you can do in a session and stop before you get burned out and feel like quitting for good.

…Which is why I knew that I had to provide a solution which immediately reduced the overwhelm and made creating your unique system fast and frustration-free.

Introducing Household Paperwork Made Easy

Household Paperwork Made Easy

Let’s face it – those piles of papers aren’t going to take care of themselves.

And while you can stop buying extra clothes, toys, and kitchen appliances, you can’t stop the papers from entering your home.

They arrive in stacks and quietly overtake your kitchen counter.

And some of those papers (like letters and cards) are irreplaceable treasures.

And some of those papers are critical!

So important that, without them, you’d soon be lighting candles and wondering why the power bill didn’t get paid.

But the key is to know which papers you do need, how to organize them, how long to keep them, and how you can whittle down the paper pile without just setting a match to the whole great big stack.

And having been there before, I know that the piles of paper and the struggles that go along with organizing them are highly emotional activities.

To have a real transformation,  you need to work through a lot of mental hurdles. Otherwise, you'll find yourself right back where you started (or in a worse mess). 

That’s where Household Paperwork Made Easy (HMPE) comes in.

In order to change, you need more than just a system. You need a fundamental transformation about how you view all those things you eventually have to take care of. Bills. Appointments. Taxes. Sentimental stuff.

Household Paperwork Made Easy is a simple-to-follow course which gives you a complete, step-by-step system for going from “Paperwork Disaster Zone” to “Under Control Command Center” in 6 weeks.

The problem you face isn’t that you don’t know what to do. It’s in getting the small wins necessary to implement once and for all … and then creating a simple system to maintain it.

Because I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to remember something super complicated. I want it to be so easy to understand my kids can help.

And I want it to “work” for me no matter how tired, stressed, or busy I am.

Here’s what others have said about the Household Paperwork Made Easy System:

Because of this course, I can honestly say that I now have the tools to continue to tackle the clutter until it’s tamed! And that is a miracle!

Thank you, Sarah! You are a real blessing to me and I am so thankful for you!


I am very much enjoying this program. It is simple, yet exactly the kick start I needed to actually DO the work instead of just collecting lots of pins and articles on the topic, never implementing.


The Household Paperwork Made Easy System


In this lesson, you’ll discover the secret to organizing the heartbeat of your home in one place, so the really important things – the appointments, to do’s, urgent bills, and more – never get lost. (Because keeping it in your head is a disaster waiting to happen!


In this lesson, I reveal to you my “short-term filing” strategy which eliminates the source of all those piles. You’ll learn how to create a system which fits your family and needs and how to maintain it in just a few minutes per week. Filing will no longer be something you put off “until later” (which we all know means until I have a crisis and have to dig through 3 boxes of paper). Instead, it takes just seconds to file most of the papers you do keep (after you’ve expertly handled the papers you don’t need to keep).


In this lesson, you’ll learn how to handle junk mail and magazines so that you eliminate most it and easily manage the rest. That way, you’re not redoing the same work over and over again.


In this lesson, we’ll discuss the best ways to make sure that you never lose those important receipts again. We’ll discuss which to keep and which to toss, how to sort them, plus electronic alternatives even your tax preparer will love.


Just when you think you have it all sorted, in comes the endless handouts from school. Homework, permission slips, art work, reports. How do you keep track of it all? In this lesson, you’ll discover the fastest ways to get it all under control. (Plus, how to make it easy for the kids to do it for themselves!)


By the time you reach this step, you’ll be ready for long-term filing. You’ll have felt the small wins which come from the HPME Command Center, you won’t be generating new piles , and you’ll have started an easy daily habit of organization. Now, you’ll tackle setting up your own system so it’s painless to declutter, organize and file any backlog.


In this step, you’ll learn how to locate, organize, and handle your critical documents. Whether it’s a marriage certificate or that lease addendum you signed, you’ll learn how best to safeguard your important documents.


Have a precious drawing you can’t bear to part with? Discover how to bring your collection to a manageable level… and learn 4 creative ways to preserve what matters most.


Once you have your system in place, it’s time to tackle the bills. Here I provide a few indispensable handouts to help you keep it all tracked… as well as the system to make it easy to make sense of what to keep, what to shred, and what to toss.


Here, we’ll discuss something few organizational systems ever tackle… those pesky manuals! I’ll show you how to organize them so you can find them easily and how to determine which to keep and which to recycle.


Many of my students reported printing out reams of reference materials: patterns, recipes, step-by-step instructions, and what-not. Don’t worry, crafty mamas – I won’t make you toss it all! You’ll discover how to dominate the reference materials so you can actually use them when you’re ready.


Medical billing errors cost consumers millions of dollars each year. In fact, a 2014 NerdWallet study found errors in 49% of Medicare bills! Yikes! In this bonus lesson I'll show you a simple way to manage those cumbersome medical bills and make sure you don't overpay.

Yet when you enroll in this course you’ll get…

12 13+ Individual Video Lessons covering each of the steps in detail

12 13+ Video transcripts to download, print out, and read on the go

5 Worksheets to help you implement what you’re learning

Email Support when you have questions

Access to the Declutter My Home Facebook Group

For $2.32 a day.

HPME Answers Questions Such as…

  • How long do I keep different types of papers?
  • How do I stop piles from accumulating in the first place?
  • Do I really need to keep that bill from 3 years ago?
  • How do I tackle this without getting overwhelmed?
  • How do I get my kids to “buy in” and help me keep everything organized?

Student Results

Here are some examples of what the HPME Command Center looks like…

And here’s what my students say after implementing an HPME Command Center in their homes…

This class is PERFECT for me to work on my home office at the Farm!! Which needed lots of help!
I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful information, and the timing is PERFECT for me!!

Thank you so much!

Over the next six weeks, you’ll discover ...

— My Command Center Strategy which allows you to "download your brain" so you never have to remember it all ever again. (I even provide you a complete idea list for this, so you don't have to start from scratch!)

— The absolutely ingenious shortcut to dramatically shrink the number of papers coming into your home in the first place.

Finally revealed: How to get everyone in your house on board with your new system, even when your family members are the clutter culprits!

— The crazy easy way to to manage all of your household paperwork in under 15 minutes a week. (This habit-building strategy hacks your brain so you feel good about tackling the paperwork.)

— The easy way to guarantee you'll never lose a bill or receipt again. (This works even if you don’t pay bills online.)

— My best tips on how to keep those special papers and cards and really treasure them (but without crowding you out of your home.)

— The three ways you can destroy confidential documents without a shredder.  

— A genius alternative to keeping a mountain of your kids’ artwork which still lets you enjoy every single piece.

— FREE: My one-page cheatsheet that’ll tell you which documents you absolutely must keep and for how long. (This is one of my most asked questions!)

Your Investment in your “For Good” Pile-Free, 

Built for You Filing System

How many tax deductions could you take if you had all the receipts and forms you needed at tax time?  How much would you save in late fees if the bills never got lost?

If you’re like most Americans, that answer could be in the thousands.

And the peace of mind you’ll get knowing that all of your papers… all the magazines, bills, important documents, school papers, and printed patterns are stored out of the way, neat and easily findable… is priceless.

Which Household Paperwork Made Easy Option is right for you?

Household Paperwork Made Easy- VIP Version

  • Twelve on-demand video lessons covering easy-to-implement steps
  • Twelve downloadable video transcripts
  • Downloadable PDF worksheets
  • Email Support to ask questions when you need help
  • Two 50-minute one-on-one accountability calls with Sarah Mueller
  • Support from Sarah via Facebook Messenger

Household Paperwork Made Easy- Independent Study Version

  • Twelve on-demand video lessons covering easy-to-implement steps
  • Twelve downloadable video transcripts
  • Downloadable PDF worksheets
  • Email Support to ask questions when you need help
  • Two 50-minute one-on-one accountability calls with Sarah Mueller
  • Support from Sarah via Facebook Messenger


Independent Study

12 Video Lessons


Email Support


2 x 50 minute one-on-one accountability calls (AM/PM and weekend options available)

Support via Facebook Messenger

My "Find Your Kitchen Table Guarantee"

I built this course to help you declutter and organize your piles of papers in a way that's as stress-free and convenient as possible. Yet in the unlikely event you follow the course and still can't find your kitchen table underneath all the papers after 45 days, I insist that you contact me for a full, 100% refund. No questions asked! I can't be any fairer than that.

- Sarah Mueller

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’ve tried to organize before and I’ve crashed and burned.

Q. I try to tidy up my papers but I just can’t decide what to recycle.

Q. Do I have to store everything electronically?

Q. Sticky notes are my friend! I can’t give them up!

Q. I can’t organize my paperwork because I’m a homeschool mom and I’ve surrendered LOL.

Q. I’d love to do this but I’m not sure if it’s worth the price.

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Sarah Mueller is mom to 4 boys ranging in age from 9 to 19. She adores encouraging other women to discover the freedom that comes from decluttering and organizing without perfectionism. 

Sarah is the founder of the wildly successful Facebook group, Declutter My Home with 53,000 members and counting, as well as Decluttering Club on Facebook, Decluttering School and Early Bird Mom. People are experiencing massive transformation in their lives when they start using these resources.

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