Get rid of the mess in your home once and for all

Sarah Mueller

You want an organized home that makes you proud.

You want a house that stays clean without hours and hours of work.

You want to have friends over at any time without having to clean until 2am.

You want the closet of your dreams instead of one that makes you feel sick when you look at it.

You want to be able to find things quickly.

I understand what that feels like because I used to dream about those things too.

I used to dream of having an organized home that felt good.

What I didn’t realize was that all the things we kept bringing into our home were taking a huge toll on our life, our mental well-being, AND our wallets!

The Cost of Clutter

Did you know that a cluttered house is costing you big bucks?

Not only does clutter contribute to anxiety and depression, it also causes significant financial expense.

In other words, all that stuff is costing you cold hard cash.

Consider these statistics:

  • The average American household throws away $2,200 of food each year. That’s $183 / month (USDA 2015)
  • Most women, on average, will spend between $150 and $400 a month on clothing.
  • 10% of US households are spending an average of $1066 a year on a storage unit. Most of those units haven’t been visited in years, costing their owners tens of thousands of dollars that can never be reclaimed.

Can you afford to waste $183 of your grocery budget every month or spend an extra thousand dollars on clothes this year? I certainly could not.

What would you do with an extra $1066 a year when you clear out that storage unit?

If your house is cluttered, it’s likely that this is happening without you even realizing it!

Most people realize that a messy house isn’t ideal but have you ever stopped to think about exactly how much trouble it creates for you?

  • Anxiety and depression because it seems impossible to ever clean up the house.
  • Extra time cleaning because you can’t just zip through you home. Perhaps you’ve got paper piles, boxes of random junk, and heaps of clothing to work around. Sometimes, it’s not even possible to clean properly because it’s too much work to clear off your surfaces first.
  • Lost opportunities to have friends over. Many people with messy homes stop allowing all but the most trusted friends inside their homes.
  • Extra money spent on a shopping habit to compensate for the stress caused by your house
  • Lost hobbies – it’s really hard to enjoy a craft when the workspace is too packed to use.

And it’s struggles like these that pushed me to seek an answer to my own messy and cluttered home.

After working with thousands of people to clean their homes, I’ve seen that the number one thing that stops people every time is overwhelm.

If you’ve ever started to organize your kitchen or clean out the basement, you know what I mean.

These kinds of jobs quickly become terribly overwhelming. Some people even feel paralyzed.

They end up shutting the door to the junk room or stepping over the piles for months and even years to come.

It seems easier than trying yet again and feeling like you’re getting nowhere.

But that’s because they don’t know the secret to a neat and organized home (it’s not what you think!)

And I’d love to share it with you so let me tell you my story.

Hi! I’m Sarah. I’m a Wharton business school grad and single mom turned decluttering expert.

Nine years ago, I had a home filled with far too much stuff.

After trying (and failing) over and over to organize my house, I discovered I didn’t have an organization problem.

I had a “stuff” problem.

Too much stuff.

So many totes in the basement! We never opened most of them.

And the truth is, thinking about letting go of most of that stuff was overwhelming (obviously!).

So what I decided to do was start with one area of my home. I cleaned out the basement over the course of about a month and that felt great (you see part of the basement before we started working on it in the photo above).

I couldn’t believe the things we uncovered in that basement!

  • Boxes my mom had brought when she moved from Florida 10 years earlier.
  • Old Girl Scout uniforms (I was a Girl Scout in 2nd grade and I have no idea why we kept that stuff – I certainly wasn’t attached to it!)
  • Old books that were unfortunately disintegrating in their boxes. I wished I’d have given them to someone who could use them before they fell apart…)
  • … and that was just the beginning.

Over the next several months, I kept going, sorting through one area at a time and donating load after load of stuff.

I sorted through my clothing and finally let go of some of the things I hadn’t worn since high school.

I donated a trunkload of toys my kids had outgrown, praying the whole time they wouldn’t revolt and make me feel guilty (they actually loved their cleaner playroom!)

Sarah Mueller

I started to gain momentum, got brave and decluttered a stack of cookbooks. I learned how to find my countertops again (you know how awesome clear counters feel, right?)

By the time I finished, I couldn’t believe how freeing it felt to have this organized home that I loved and have friends over.

I couldn’t stop talking about how amazing it felt to have a clean home AND how much it helped my anxiety.

I started writing about decluttering on my blog and teaching it to my readers.

I wrote the Step-by-Step Decluttering DIY guide.

I formed a Facebook group to be able to reach more people (now grown to over 52,000 members).

My readers were catching the decluttering bug too!

And they were seeing exciting progress.

But some people reached out to me directly.

They wanted more help and support.

They were getting stuck when they took on the task of cleaning up entire junk rooms, basements and overflowing closets.

They were overwhelmed.

So I created the Declutter Your Home course.

The Declutter Your Home Course is a program that helps people turn their stressful, messy homes into ones that are relaxing and that make them feel good.

People who were once stuck are now proud because they’re taking back control of their homes.

In spite of obstacles like chronic illness, and busy lives, my clients get results. They move forward in their lives deliberately.

They reclaim their spare bedrooms (Judy cleared out years of clutter to make a room for her grandkids).

They organize their kitchens (Lisa hosted her church group in her small kitchen and got compliments on how it was perfectly organized!)

They sell truckloads of stuff (Jeanne has made $3,000 while preparing to move.)

They are no longer stressed and anxious (Arla is thrilled that she can now travel knowing that she’ll return to a clean and organized home).

They aren’t leaving a disaster to their children (Kate is so happy that she won’t leave her kids the kind of mess her mother left her).

They are teaching their kids that life isn’t about always needing more. (Tanya’s kids are asking to let go of old toys so they have more room to play!)

They’re no longer overwhelmed. They let go of massive quantities of stuff. They’re calm and happy again. They have so much more free time for hobbies, family, and relaxation.

These people all used my Declutter Your Home course.

How does this course make this happen?

  1. First it teaches some simple tools for motivation. Motivation is the #1 obstacle to clearing out the clutter.  Learn how to stay motivated and you’ve won half the battle.
  2. Second it gives a simple process to follow. The decluttering process is the same whether you’re doing 1 tiny pile or an entire room. All you have to do is follow the process and you can move mountains, 1 pile at a time.
  3. Third, it keeps you accountable. Everyone gets stuck eventually. Accountability and support are there when you feel paralyzed with overwhelm.

3 Payments of $149 or pay $397 in full and save $50

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your life is about to change.

The Declutter Your Home course

Joining is easy. Here’s how it works.

First, you enroll by clicking the button below and then you get immediate access to the website where you will find a collection of videos on decluttering, motivation, dealing with family members, organizing, and more.

You’ll get a printable workbook with notes and worksheets to help you stay focused.

You’ll also get immediate access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support in a small, safe environment with other students of the course. You’ll immediately feel relief just knowing you’re not the only one whose house makes them anxious. 

Within 30 minutes you’ll clear out a space using my simple 4 step process and start feeling better.

By the end of the first week, you’ll have a routine down pat and you’ll be using those little pockets of time to make meaningful progress.

By day 14, you will have reclaimed your kitchen. You’ll be thrilled every time you walk in.

By day 30, your bedroom will be a sanctuary. Your friends will be commenting on how organized you are. The peace and confidence that you’ll feel about your home will motivate you to tackle bigger and bigger areas.

And within 6 months, you’ll feel like you have a completely new life.

You’d never believe that your house was once so full of stuff.

Each Monday, I’ll send you an email with your assignment for the week. You’ll also get a schedule of the live calls at the beginning of the month.

You can access as many of the live calls as you like (they are scheduled at various times to accommodate as many schedules and time zones as possible. We have students around the world and many with full time jobs).

You will also have daily access to me via email for questions.

You have lifetime access to the recorded training.

You get support with me for an entire year.

You can request a refund for any reason any time during the first 30 days.

Bonus! 5 Little Habits That Will Change Your Life in a Big Way

5 Little Habits that will Change Your Life in a Big Way

My students’ homes are clean and organized and they’re loving the day to day life. But they also want to know how to keep it that way. Because one of the biggest concerns after you’ve gotten your home to the place where it feels amazing is how NOT to end up with a cluttered mess again.

They wanted to know what it would take to maintain the progress they’d worked so hard to complete. They didn’t want to sacrifice any of the gains.

(Psst – that’s one of the biggest secrets of an organized home – you’ll save SO much time cleaning!)

So I created a bonus training called 5 Little Habits That Will Change Your Life in a Big Way

This training is easy to consume and you’ll get worksheets to help you decide which habit to add first. I promise you, you’re not doing ALL of these habits right now, yet if you add just 1 or 2 of them, you’ll see a massive difference in your level of happiness as well as the state of your home.

And you won’t even feel like you’re doing any more work!

This bonus training is valued at $39 but you’ll get it for free when you enroll in Declutter Your Home.

3 Payments of $149 or pay $397 in full and save $50

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Can’t you just do this work yourself?

A lot of people wonder why they should use a course to achieve a home that makes them happy and feels amazing. Isn’t it just a question of trying harder or “getting serious”?

No, it’s not.

After all, you’ve tried that already, haven’t you?

Haven’t you made a resolution or two to deal with the messy kitchen or the mountain of clean laundry that never quite makes it into the closet?

Haven’t you made to-do lists and chore schedules?

… and found yourself just as stressed out as ever and right back where you started?

Or maybe you think hiring a professional organizer is the answer.

But sadly if you hire an organizer, you may have a beautiful house for a little while but if you don’t learn the underlying strategies and solutions to the problem of a messy house, all that work will undo itself in a few months’ time. Plus, you’ll pay an average of $375 per room to have someone do the work for you (much more if you live in an expensive area of the country or you’ve got more than an average amount of stuff).

Hiring a pro is an expensive solution without a guarantee of success.

However, when you choose to invest in yourself and do the Declutter Your Home course:

  • You have a flat fee (just 3 payments of $149 or less with the full-pay option) – this will give you all the training and support you need to do your ENTIRE house. Up to a year of support if you need it.
  • You have a 30 day money back guarantee. You’re not going to get that from a professional organizer.
  • You’ll gain the skills to manage your home AND your life. This goes way beyond just cleaning up a kitchen drawer.
  • You can work at your own pace. If you’ve got a deadline looming like a big move (several of my clients are getting ready to move very soon), you can go all in and get things done fast. On the other hand, if you’ve got a full time job or a hectic schedule, or if you’ve got limited mobility, you can take it as slow as you like. You decide how much time you can spend.

You’ve got nothing to lose…

… and a new life that’s waiting for you.

Now, what is it going to cost to not do this course?

You’ve heard my offer… I have expressed the value to you. I hope you feel like you can trust me. I’ve shown you exactly what’s going to happen when you decide to give it a chance today. Remember that you have your 30-day money back guarantee. You’re fully protected. All the risk is on me. If you’re still not sure, realize that right now you’re standing at a crossroads with two paths in front of you. One of the paths takes you deeper into what you’ve already got – likely pain, frustration, overwhelm and unhappiness.

But the other path takes you down the road I’ve just laid out for you with a new life (and an organized home) full of hope and peace.

Thirty days from now you’ll feel like a different person.

If you’re willing to take the next step.

You can enroll by clicking the button below.

3 Payments of $149 or pay $397 in full and save $50

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your life is about to change.

You can make it happen.

I’m your guide.

Don’t remain stuck and overwhelmed.

Follow me.

What people are saying about the Declutter Your Home course


Arla Lewis’ house always had a “junk room.” “My computer room was always horrible. And then over the years, the living room joined in the horribleness.”

“I’ve tried different programs that worked for a while, and then I fell off the wagon. But with you, it was like somebody holding my hand saying ‘you can do it. I’m right here…’

“Now I know I can do it. It feels fantastic. I feel a lot better so I thank you Sarah.”

Arla Lewis

As a military family, Tanya and her husband spent years unsure when or where they’d move next. Between repeated moves and starting a family, the boxes started stacking up.

The clutter made Tanya feel anxious. “Home should be your safe place. It should be the place where you can de-stress.”

Sarah’s groups help immensely.

“I love the people posting daily. It has young people, and older people, and people my age…it’s been an inspirational group for me, to see people’s before and after photos and to not be afraid to post, ‘okay, here’s my mess, but look, this is what I did!’

“We eat at the table for all of our meals now. That was our goal…and that’s been a huge positive for my family.

The more I let go, I see the space and it’s usable. The things that sat on the counter all the time are now put away.

“And I’ve noticed my oldest, he’s calmer. I look back think, ‘how were we functioning?’ Not very well apparently.”

“I feel better now.

I don’t stress out if someone says, ‘Hey, I’m dropping by the house’…now it’s just like normal kids toys out, not, ‘oh I haven’t unpacked 24 boxes and they’re still sitting in my living room.’”


Judy could make her house look presentable, but she wasn’t really cleaning—she was hiding things.

“I would run around like a crazy person stuffing things everywhere when someone was coming over…When they’d leave I’d think, ‘oh, the house looks nice,’ but I couldn’t find a thing.”

“Last January I thought, ‘this is the year to do it.’ But I’d have quit in a month had I not found you. ”

re now in drawers and I can find them. I know where everything is. I love it.

It’s what life should have been all along.”


Jen, who lives with her two adult daughters, was feeling stressed about keeping up their house in the wake of a divorce. Decluttering helps her feel in control.

Jen is making quick work of decluttering.

“I try to work 20 minutes to half an hour every single day. I seem to be more motivated right before it’s garbage day.”

“There’s still a little bit of clutter, you know, I still have knickknacks and things like that. It’s been rewarding because everybody tells me how nice my house is.”


While she was a foster parent to five kids, Pat Branstetter learned to never throw a paper away. “You’re going to need it for court.”

“Once I got started with your program, it made me feel so good to be able to just do the refrigerator. I thought that was kind of bizarre when my goal was the stupid office.

And then it was, ‘do the junk drawer’… and I realized the process that you had was something that we all needed.

After watching Pat work on her things for a few months, her husband did all of his clothes.

She says, “That’s what everyone dreams of!

It was amazing.”

Pat Branstetter

The tipping point for Morgan was when she became pregnant.

The room that was to become the baby’s room was so packed with stuff that you couldn’t walk in it.

This wasn’t the first time Morgan had tried to clear out that room. “I tried making it into my craft room but I just couldn’t get rid of the stuff so the room never got to where I wanted it.

But when I had that deadline of the baby coming, it became very easy to let go of a lot of stuff.”

Before, I was paralyzed because I didn’t know where to start so I just never did it. So doing this has really helped.

I can come home, I can cook a meal right away because I don’t have to clean the counter off first. It’s just improved our life so much.


Kathy’s late husband used to complain about her clutter. “After he died I realized he had more clutter than me, and was able put it in places where I couldn’t see it.”

Decluttering is especially difficult when you’re dealing with grief. “I’m now getting to the point where I can do that, and enjoy the memories…”

Kathy already had a habit of donating extra things to charity, but she’s recently picked up the pace. “I have more of a sense of urgency, as I’m older. There’s been a lot of information about death cleaning, which sounds really morbid, but it makes a lot of sense to me.”

“The push was realizing that I didn’t want to leave all of this stuff for my kids to go through…They’re not interested in a lot of my memorabilia.”

“My favorite part is the ACDC calls (Alternating Clean Declutter Clean). I love it.

It’s that half hour that I just concentrate. And I know that there is a time that I’m going to finish it, or stop, and come back and talk with you all. That’s been fun and so helpful.”


I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done so far in helping me with my clutter!! As a mom of now 3 grown children I found myself hanging on to old toys and blankets. Polly pockets and Barbie dolls that just one day may have value. With your help I’m sorting out the good, the bad and the ugly!   

Yes I saved a small bin of toys that were in excellent condition and may hold some value but I gave away the rest. It felt so freeing. I now am working on a craft room for myself. I’m going to keep what craft materials matter and getting rid if the rest.  I I just wanted to say thank you!


Let me tell you decluttering has been the best thing I have ever done. I work full time and we bought a new home five years ago. When we moved in I was working 10-12 hours a day, most weeks 6 days a week. My son-in-law became disabled and my daughter started working two jobs. Needless to say our house was a complete mess. I believe we had just gotten so overwhelmed that no one knew where to start.

I cleaned the dining room which took me all day to do but it’s done. The table is clean, we have been eating at the table and on Saturday night, we have been having game night and playing games and clean the room afterward. Life is so much easier with our house clean and decluttered. I don’t think this would have ever happened without you and your help. You never made me feel bad about the house being such a mess but you gave me hope that we could get it done.

Thank you for all your help and encouragement.


Now that Robin’s children are grown, she’s decluttering the things she’s inherited and things her kids left behind.

“Every time I get rid of something I feel like I come a little bit closer to the surface. Stuff weighs you down so much and I feel a little bit lighter, a little bit happier when I walk into my house. I’m not so overwhelmed by everything that needs to be tended to.”

“It breaks my heart when people are struggling so much with decisions, knowing that they would feel better if they decluttered. It reminds me to let go. ”


I love the positivity that is sent out, and the fact that Sarah makes you feel you can accomplish anything! She has great wisdom and ideas.

Linda Osterhoudt

Ideas, encouragement – this is a great process to get with other people trying to accomplish the same goal- declutter your home.

Charlene Ricketts

Bringing organization and sensibility to life.

Hazel Minnick

Great suggestions and motivation to do what would make a serene environment

Beth Chapman Oliver

Good insight. Bit by bit to not get overwhelmed. No pressure. Do what works for you.

Luann Elizabeth

Great ideals and advice on large and small places

Becky Penrod

I have struggled with clutter for while now. The inspiration from this group is beyond helpful and inspiring! And Sarah is a great leader and her positive energy really helps keep you going!!

Linda Bickerdyke

The way she motivates people without judgment and makes it a fun challenge

Trish Scott

Love the simple, no pressure approach to decluttering! Been decluttering little by little over the course of a year and am so much happier. I can do it how and when I want without worrying about being perfect. It’s also saved me money because I no longer lose things in the clutter that I end up re-buying. Thank you!!

Stephanie Fox

She is a fantastic person & so easy to understand her. I love all the tips this group gives

Assumpta Hoban

Great community support for anyone wanting to declutter their home and lives!

Michelle Avent

Great ideas, sharing experience and helping others to get on with life.

Karen Whitten Rae

The support and fact that all comments must be positive and helpful. Sarah is an inspiration!

Carol Pellicelli Dimse

Awesome ideas and videos very positive and encouraging

Sheila White

Great to have a community to cheer each other on whilst dealing with decluttering – oftentimes a difficult task due to multiple decisions/multiple things to throw, sentimental clutter and whether to keep, throw or donate

Ann-Maree Bennett

I love the way that it is taught in baby steps. Declutterine vcan be overwhelming so this is essential.

Catherine Smith Brown Washington

Helpful and realistic. Thank you so much.

Hettie Eggleton

It’s a great thing go be working with other people that are going through the same as you

Carol Ann Churchill

This group is supportive, caring, understanding and motivating, and that’s why I like to visit the Facebook group. I wish I could spend more time here. Thanks to Sarah for sharing her expertise, seeing that everything is working smoothly and for supporting and motivating us.

Debra Williams Lee

Sarah helped to discard things, not hoard them.

Valerie Brown

I feel like I need support to get it done , it’s so over whelming and I personally feel like joining your club has helped in taking the steps I need to get started

Joanna Adkins Johnson

Sarah breaks it down to smaller tasks so the job is not so overwhelming.

Doris Bunny Hecht-Gelberg

Several step by step processes

Lots of encouraging videos

Input from many others working on the same issues

Lindy Pavkovich

Very good decluttering and house organizations ideas!!!!

Wendy Markham

3 Payments of $149 or pay $397 in full

30 Day Money Back Guarantee