Does the thought of unexpected visitors fill you with dread? If so...

… just imagine hearing a knock on the door and being able to open the door with a smile because your house is uncluttered.

Sure, there are a few pieces of mail on the counter and the dishwasher needs emptying but otherwise, your home is ready for people to drop by without turning your checks red with embarrassment.

Think this is a pipe dream?

Keep reading and I'll show you how it's possible.



Hi! I'm Sarah Mueller of Early Bird Mom and Decluttering School.

As a new mom, I thought giant messes were just a natural result of having little kids.

This is what our playroom used to look like on a "good" day.

Just one shelf in our former playroom. It NEVER stayed this "organized" and even when it did, it still looked messy. 

I also thought that if I could just figure out the right organizational system or buy a few more bins and containers, I'd conquer the mess for good.

Well, you can imagine that this was a losing battle!

It doesn't matter how many cute containers, shelves, and storage solutions you have if your house is overflowing with stuff!

It was just too much.

And once my 3rd son was born I decided that I'd had enough.


And so I stopped organizing so much and embraced living with less.

I learned how to let go of things, even important things, if they weren't being used in our lives or bringing us value and enjoyment.

I learned how to make decisions about what to keep, how to manage my emotions around those sentimental items, and how to declutter without making my family resent the decisions I make.

Now I have 4 boys.

But instead of being a disaster zone, our home is fairly minimal. 

We don't have a lot of clutter. It's not spotless but it's EASY to clean up in just a few minutes a day. (I have a theory that if you house is always spotless, you're missing out on opportunities to have fun!)

And we have time for the things that are important to us!

I can have friends over any day of the week without a massive cleanup (or feeling the need for repeated apologies about the mess). There might be a bit of dust on the shelves, but dusting isn't a priority for me so I don't worry about that...

We've saved thousands of dollars a year by no longer buying all that stuff. And that's not even counting the value of not being stressed out over mess and clutter. You can't put a dollar amount on peace of mind.

Are you struggling with stress, overwhelm, and frustration from clutter?

I know exactly how you feel. 

As I've decluttered our home and felt the stress melting away, I've found it impossible to stop talking to others about it.

First I wrote a book.

Step-by-Step Decluttering has helped thousands of people find peace and freedom as they declutter their homes.

But people wanted more!

They wanted a place to talk about these sometimes gut-wrenching decisions (Do I donate that wedding china or keep it to use once a year? How do you deal with relatives who won't stop giving toys to your kids?)

They wanted more training and someone to help guide and coach them through the emotional minefield that clutter can be.

So then I created Decluttering School.

Decluttering School will help you get started and stay motivated as you declutter your home.

Happy members of Declutter My Home

Decluttering isn't just about getting rid of stuff.

If it were, it would be easy, you'd be done in no time. 


Clutter and the struggles that go along with decluttering are highly emotional and gut-wrenching. 

To have a real transformation, you need to work through a lot of mental hurdles. Otherwise, you'll find yourself right back where you started (or in a worse mess). 

And you need support in a safe place. 

And that's where I come in!

Sarah Mueller

In Decluttering School, I'll walk with you on that journey to less clutter and more peace.

In this monthly membership site, you get:


Bite-sized Training Videos

3-10 minute videos on topics such as 

  • Decluttering 101
  • How to beat procrastination for good
  • Why motivation is a myth
  • The easy way to plan if you're not a natural planner 

A Library of Action Plans
A whole selection of 1 page ready-made checklists. ​

Use these plans to tackle specific areas of your home whether you have 10 minutes or 10 hours.


Decluttering is only half the battle. A neat and tidy house depends on learning certain habits. Once you've got these habits in place, the clutter practically takes care of itself!

As a group, we work on one challenge a month to help build these habits.


​Office Hours
​We have 1-2 live Q&A calls a month where you can get your questions answered and get clarity on whatever issue you're currently tackling.


​​Private Facebook Group
No need to air your “dirty laundry” to the rest of Facebook! 

Our members-only group is a safe place to share your struggles, get advice and encouragement.


​​​Accountability Partners
If you'd like a fellow Decluttering School student and partner of your own to encourage and keep you accountable, we'll match you up!

Use Decluttering School on your schedule!

All this material is available to you at your convenience - access any of the resources and training as long as you're a member of Decluttering School!

New training and resources are added every week.

Decluttering Success Stories

Cindy Weatherford joined the group wanting to declutter her home so she could list it for sale.

Her home's transformation is simply amazing!

Decluttering School

Decluttering School is currently closed

Decluttering School is just $24 a month.

You can cancel at any time.

But enrollment is only open a few times a year.

$24 / month 

(less than $1 a day)

Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

You are invited to try out Decluttering School for 30 days! If you decide it's not for you, ask for a no-hassle refund. 

You've got nothing to lose!



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How is Decluttering School different from the free Facebook group, Declutter My Home?

My family won’t help. Can I really declutter without their support?

Who is NOT suited for the Decluttering School membership?

I’m so overwhelmed. Can this really help me?

How is this billed?

I can’t afford to declutter (or I can’t afford the membership fee)!

Can I cancel whenever I want?  

I have little kids / am disabled / work full time. Can I fit this membership into my life?

Do I need to be on Facebook to use Decluttering School?

Join me in Decluttering School now.

And never dread hearing that doorbell again! 

Freedom from clutter and peace of mind is waiting for you!

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